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Anyone have used First Form Greek (any books, DVD's) to sell? Famous Men of Greece?

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    Anyone have used First Form Greek (any books, DVD's) to sell? Famous Men of Greece?

    My rising 7th grader wants to pursue Greek (finished 2nd Form Latin, but doesn't want to continue Latin), and I am trying to pinch pennies, so I need the DVD's (because there's no way I'm going to be able to teach that on top of everything else this year), the text... everything!

    I'm also looking for Famous Men of Greece text and teacher manual.

    I registered for the conference, but between forgetting initially, then not having enough help with the 8 kiddos, I didn't get to attend, so I'll be catching up with the replays over the next couple weeks. Please feel free to pitch in what were your favorite talks/classes.

    I believe there might be a FB page for selling MP products, but I am not on Facebook so I can’t give details. However, MP does not allow us to sell used curriculum on this forum. It can seem cheaper to buy MP materials used, but with eight kids you might want to consider that if MP updates the edition of a non-consumable book or teacher guide or curriculum manual directly from them they will replace it. It also assures that you have the latest editions with components that are all matching.

    I hope your child enjoys Greek, my daughter loves it, but I would encourage him to continue with Latin since he’s made such good progress. Greek does move quickly and is so much easier if the Latin background is strong. There is still so much after second form to learn! There was a session at the conference on Monday about languages after the forms that discussed Greek or people here can give you advice, but many frequent posters and the MP conference are busy today with the conference. Oh, and the conference is online this year and is still going on today. Hope you will have a chance to listen in on some of the sessions either today or when the recordings are posted.

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      oh, that makes sense that MP doesn't allow selling of MP products here. Sorry.
      I'm not on FB either, but maybe I can get my sister to check for me.
      For some MP products, I do plan to buy new and have bought a lot new, just replacing the consumables, but for Greek, I don't have any others who have any interest in Greek (at this time), and money is a little tighter right now.
      I registered for the conference, but got so busy, I only got around to watching some talks today. I really liked the Juggling Ages and Stages. Much, not Many! I'm looking forward to going back and listening to some of the talks I missed. Just finished listening to Andrew Pudewa's plenary - also very good.
      Re: continuing in Latin. I've tried to impress on him how much sense that makes, but it has been like pulling teeth trying to get him this far. I think someday he might regret not going further, but his sisters are continuing to Third Form (they have kept up with him this far, and indeed have done better). My son hates Latin, unfortunately, and I haven't figured out how to make him like it. I plan to find the article(s) Martin Cothran (I think it was him, but there are probably others) has written on why Latin is taught, the importance of Latin, and make my son read it, but I doubt it will change his mind.


        This can be so tough with a first child, coming to the curriculum later in their schooling. With younger kids, it is easier to set a culture of "we study Latin" and have it be a non-issue. But it can definitely be tough to help a child accept something this rigorous when it is not what they are used to.

        Your son is at a good place to try First Form Greek because he has completed First and Second Form, which teach the foundational grammar concepts that are needed in order to begin First Form it is a doable idea, if you are able to purchase the materials. But I would also encourage your son that he might want to at least give Third Form a try. This is the year that there becomes more translating in the assignments...which can be more fun and interesting for a lot of students. There is still a lot of memorization and diligent work, but it can also be like solving puzzles every day as they do the sentence work.

        These are difficult questions to decide, so I hope you guys are able to come to a good compromise!

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          He’s been doing MP for 5 years now. He just hates Latin. Perhaps I have not done a good job teaching it. Heaven knows I lose patience all too often, which makes learning more tedious on the kids’ part.
          I will try to get him to do some Third Form, but translating was not fun for him in Second Form, so I doubt the increase of that will make a difference in his opinion. I’m also wondering if the fact that his younger sisters are better at it and do it faster than he does is a deterrent. I may see if he can do some on his own (with occasional tutor help from a friend who has taught Latin in the past) if he enjoys it more that way.
          Thanks for the kind words and advice, ladies!