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    New and looking for advice

    Hello to everyone! This is my first time posting on the forum. I currently do not use Memoria Press but I want to. I have been looking at the curriculum for the past year or so and wondering if I should try it. I have been homeschooling since the beginning and have a son 12(just turned) and a daughter 9. I have been using the Charlotte Mason methods in our school since always it seems. However, I did deviate from her methods from time to time. I love Charlotte Mason but find I am just not good at implementing the method and providing my children with what they need educationally. My son has been a late reader and his fluency is really just beginning to pick up. He is also a VERY reluctant writer with terrible spelling. He is not very independent. He likes for me to always be near him while he does his school work. He is however, an excellent narrator and loves to be read to. He has very good comprehension and memory. I think the most discouraging thing is he says constantly that he hates school and has no joy in what we do. I feel like neither of my children are where they should be. I do not feel I have been establishing good habits or laying a proper foundation for the basics of their education. I feel VERY tired and overwhelmed. I worry that high school is approaching and we will not be ready.

    I have already paid to join a Charlotte Mason currriculm for this upcoming school year so I am not looking to jump full in with a complete core this year. However, I am looking to incorporate some of the science guides, geography and literature guides. We are scheduled to study the MIddle Ages this year so I was looking at year 6 for my son. I thought I could do the literature guides and Famous Men of the Middle Ages, geography 1 or 2?, and the science. I also would like to do the astronomy for both my son and daughter. I am not sure about where to place my daughter yet. I have already purchased Writing and Rhetoric, Latin for Children and the Well-Ordered Language from Classical Academic Press based on a recommendation from a friend. Does anyone have suggestions for transitioning to Memoria Press?

    I am sorry for such a long post! I aplogize if it is not clear. I just am not sure what to do and really what I need to even ask!

    Thank you for reading!

    Sorry you haven't received any replies yet, it's summer I guess!

    The first thing I wanted to say is that with your older child it's time to close the gap with basic skills like spelling - will you be addressing that? Being a confident speller is a great booster for a student.

    Also, I think the literature guides published by MP would be a great starting point for you to transition from narrations to written work. The great thing about these guides is that they make clear what the important things are, and what should be remembered, understood, and reflected on. I have heard many mothers doing Charlotte Mason say that their kids often feel lost, as if they didn't quite understand just what they are supposed to be learning: I think the Memoria Press guides, in any subject, take care of that problem beautifully. I would advise you to spend some time in the Literature section of the Memoria Press website, and see which books you think would be a good starting point for your son: there are several choices that would complement your study of the Middle Ages, and with the pdf samples you can see what kind of work your son can expect.

    Famous Men of the Middle Ages is another great choice for your son: the study guide is structured very much like the literature guides, with a section for important things to know, a section to understand vocabulary, and a section with questions to understand and reflect on the content. It's a great plus that kids learn to recognize the structure of the books they use for different subjects: they learn that this is what they need to work on: understand the text as text (vocabulary), memorize important things, and think about what they've read.

    As for Geography, I don't remember if the differences between I and II involve the type of work done, but I know that book I introduces the lands that were part of the old Roman empire.

    A science choice must go hand in hand with math abilities, so I'm attaching a Memoria Press page that details different paths, and you can choose what suits your situation best (some science resources mentioned are being revamped, like the study of birds, so go by what you see available for sale on the website.)

    I hope this helps a bit.
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      rebecca4hs, sorry it took so long for someone to reply to your post. Many of the regulars here were in the midst of a conference and summer life and I am glad Mrs Bee found it and brought it back to the top. Welcome to the forum and hope we can be of help to you, though I think others will be of more help to you on this subject than I would so I'll just watch.
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        Beorn you are so much kinder and more polite than I am! Welcome, Rebecca, and sorry for just jumping into things so directly. I hope you get more and better answers, too, because the situation and feelings you describe, as overwhelming as they seem to you, are actually very common in the homeschool world. For many, so many of us, Memoria Press has been such a blessing, because first it articulates the meaning of the education we seek for our kids, then it gives us the practical tools to work on it. By that I mean that the books that are studied and the type of work we do on them are very intentional, there is a vision behind them, and thanks to it we see our kids achieve knowledge, skills, and wisdom.
        And the other great thing is that there is room for everyone: for the family who wants to buy everything ready with instructions to follow, for the family who needs to make adjustments, the family who needs to go slow, the family who wants to go fast. Every situation different, and yet we can all rely on MP to take our kids by hand and walk them towards beautiful educational goals.

        I'm just going to link to a couple of old threads from people who came (back) to MP after some time spent with Charlotte Mason methods: they may speak to you and help you figure things out.

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          Good morning, and welcome! I am also SO glad that

          Mrs Bee found your post and pulled it up so that you can get some more responses! But I will also say, she has already done an excellent job with the advice she has given you. She is completely correct in the support she has offered to say that you are not alone in this journey. Even though realizing discontent, doubts, and yes, even dismay, are not pleasant things to be feeling, there is light ahead, and there is still plenty of time! The threads Mrs Bee shared are great, and I encourage you to read through those, but then after that, take heart! There is much we can do to support you in the coming year and help you with whatever level of transition you want to make as you go along.

          You have already gotten really good advice on most of the curriculum questions you had. The only thing I will add is about the composition, grammar, and Latin materials you have purchased from CAP. With MP, as with CAP, these courses are cumulative, and what CAP includes in their first year of work is not the same as what MP includes. Is there any way to still return them so that you can switch those to MP now rather than a year from now? That would eliminate the need to transition over altogether. If not, it's no worries; you will still have good things for them to do this coming year. But these are two different companies for a reason, and their curricula do differ in how they include things, especially in Latin. Grammar and composition will be easier to switch over; you could probably go into level 2 of both of those without a lot of trouble. But Latin will be different; you would still need to start First Form Latin so that you begin learning the grammar forms and vocabulary in the order MP presents them to be able to keep going into the higher levels and not have any gaps.

          Again, welcome! And keep us posted on how things go!
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            Thank you all for the advice and encouragement! I do confess I made my post and then posted it before I let myself chicken out! I was feeling pretty discouraged the day I wrote it. However, I am glad now that I did. I have decided to go ahead and purchase the 6th grade core with modifications for my son. The only areas I have no clue about are where to place him in english recitation and the core skills book. I am so excited yet terrified at the same time! I know it will be difficult in the beginning but I feel this is going to be SO good for us. I will probably just use the CAP materials with my 9 year old daughter this year. I have already invested a lot of money to switch her over this year as well. I do intend to purchase some lit guides and the Astronomy guide for both of them to use this year.

            I have been reading through the forum and I am so inspired by all of you mommas! I have found so much good information and encouragement from what I have read. I am greatly humbled with how little I know. I am just beginning to really study classical education. I have read Simply Classical by Cheryl Swope and am currently reading the Liberal Arts Tradition. I have so much to learn! Maybe you all could share some of your favorite resources for newbie classical educators like me.

            Again, thank you all!


              rebecca4hs don't you worry, in no time you'll be the one giving out advice and encouragement! I have used Writing and Rhetoric for composition too: when my oldest was your daughter's age I did exactly what you're going to do with her, W&R plus MP guides for literature and other subjects. If you want to understand MP's Classical Composition, check out the Video page with talks from past MP conferences, especially the homeschool conference from 2019.
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                Welcome to MP! So many of us understand having everything we need for the year only to discover MP and experience the financial pain of trying to do some (or all) of a transition to MP. By the way, you should do whatever feels right for this year, but homeschool materials are hard to come by right now. It's a great time to sell whatever you have lying around that you no longer plan to use.

                With that said, if your 9yo just turned nine, you could look at the 3rd grade selections (Farmer Boy, Charlotte's Web, Mr. Popper's Penguins, or Padding), and for a girl turning 10 before spring, look at 4th grade literature selections (Cricket in Times Square, The Moffats, Homer Price--my fav, or The Blue Fairy Book). We've read all of these, and they are all books to which my eldest keeps returning. If you click on the red letters, it will take you to the pages for these, both with the novels and without.

                Do you eventually plan on using MP's Latin? Latina Christiana (LC) can be done in fourth grade (or 5th) at a one-year pace paired with English Grammar Recitation I. I've taken First Form Latin myself. There are about 20 new verbs, new tenses of the to be verb, some rules about declining nouns, subject complements, direct objects, and S-V agreement, and a review of vocabulary (previously learned in LC) while English grammar is explored in the final units. You could always order just the Latina Christiana flashcards and put a star in your Latin for Children guide next to any identical words, making sure those go into the long-term memory. It will make LC all the easier next year.

                Make sure to get an Astronomy Student Book for each child, as these are consumable and do not lend themselves to writing answers on paper. They will also each need a ruler or straight edge. This was a fun course for my daughter. We cannot un-know these constellations now! It's amazing. We look up into the sky and recognize so much.
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                  You said that you still had questions about English Grammar Recitation and Core Skills...
                  1. Always ask MP customer service, they are really excellent in placement questions.
                  2. I would recommend matching Core Skills to your grade level, so 6th grade = Core Skills 6. Then, I would match EGR to your Latin choice. If you are choosing to start with Latina Christian = EGR1 or First Form Latin = EGR2.

                  You are doing a great job starting where you are, and continuing to learn and grow yourself. Keep asking questions and you and your kids will have a great year!
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