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    I would love to hear some thoughts about adding enrichment topics to grades 3 and above. What experience does anyone have with the art and music books in the MP bookstore?
    2020-2021 Eighth year homeschooling, first year using MP cores!
    DD - grade 7
    DS - grade 3
    Five born to Heaven, between 2009 and 2014
    DH is a bivocational pastor
    Celebrating 18 years of marriage this year.

    The art and music options are really great. You can choose to either work on art skills or to appreciate art, as well as the many different music programs . The material in the Creating Art and in some of Professor Carol’s courses *might* be a bit much for a third grader (who already has a new adjustment to manage for entering grammar school level work), but any of the options would be easily suited to your older child. But the Music Appreciation set (book and cd) would be a perfect one to use for both and would not require a lot of additional time each week. If you combine that with a set of art posters (or cards, if you want smaller) that would be a great way to add something wonderful without going overboard in your first year with MP. Make sure you give yourself time to learn the ropes of the main curriculum so that you and your kids are thriving. With you experience, you will probably do great, and your kids will probably love having some time for music and art each week.

    16th Year HSing; 10th Year with MP
    DD, 19, Homeschool grad; college sophomore
    DS, 16
    DD, 14
    DD, 12
    DD, 10
    DD, 8
    DD, 6
    DS, 2