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Re-do kindergarten?

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    Re-do kindergarten?

    Good morning, coming to you all for a second opinion. We currently live in Illinois where the Kindergarten cut off is Sept. 1, our son turned 5 on Sept. 27th and was displaying reading readiness so we decided to purchase the Kindergarten program and go slowly. I'm regretting that decision. I had my third baby in November and we took almost a 6 week break. After that, I was not good with consistency, we were maybe doing 2 days a week. In March we ramped up again and started doing 5 days a week (our enrichment was all over the place, and I'm sad we missed out on the corresponding holidays). He is doing well in reading and math and he's a sponge when it comes to recitation. I do think he's a little behind in writing (not forming all of his letters correctly, backwards, sloppy on placement) and I know boys can be a little behind in that area, but because I know the writing is only going to ramp up, I'm considering doing Kindergarten over this year. I just don't know what that would look like on the phonics and math front. Would it be bad to hold him back and review? Should I be jogging in place with him where we are and do R&S worksheets and readers so he stays at the place he is while reviewing what he's already learned? Should we keep going with K?

    I'm kicking myself over here because even though he was reading ready, I know another year of play before school would have probably benefited him. There's been a lot of heel digging when I tell him it's time for school and it's leaving a sour taste in everyone's mouth. I want to taste the sweetness of this curriculum because I know it is, and I want him to taste it too. Help?

    I don't think there is any need to start over! It sounds like since you started in March (which by the way, all 3 of my kids were more like 5.5 before they were really ready to learn to BLEND) things are going well. You could actually start the K enrichment, but I would just continue with the math and phonics and not go back. I found book D, of First Start Reading to actually move way to fast. You may find when you get to that book that you. need to go slower than the plans. Or, you may find that you don't need to. In the First grade MP, there is FSR E. A lot of families actually work that in during the summer, because 1st grade is a huge leap. So, if you finish book D, then I would just do Book E and then see where you are at. In between K and 1st I do recommend the daily practice over the summer. It's very easily for these little ones to "forget" everything they have learned over the summer if you don't do a little bit during most of the summer. (15 min or so)


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      I waited a whole year to do K material with my boy and do not regret it a bit. My little guy didn't have the fine motor skills to tackle writing, although he was great with the material verbally. We wound up doing Simply Classical C for readiness, and it was a powerhouse of preparation! Because he was so proficient in number concept and reading by the time we finished (we exclusively used letter sound flashcards and ear training for blending segmented words together), we let him continue with readers that were more at his level while we stayed in the FSR books that were at his writing ability. We are 8 weeks in to MPK, and because he is older, we're doing all of the Enrichment. If it says to come up with a rhyming couplet and record it in his composition journal, do it. If it says to recall characters and details about them, do it. All of that extra writing practice and copywork is going to create good muscle memory for writing. I did find a way to switch a few weeks around for holidays, and it's working out beautifully. We also wound up ahead in math compared to the MPK guide, so I've just penciled in the correct lesson number we are on. We're pressing forward in R&S math lessons so long as he is able, then when we get to MP1 math, we'll just go back and do anything we've already covered as review.

      My thoughts on kids dragging their feet and resisting work are twofold: Have you set clear expectations, written down the schedule, and been consistent in not allowing the whining to delay or end work? If not, start there. I fought for 2 years to post a written schedule, and it was THE BEST DECISION in setting an expectation for the day. I just point to the schedule and blame it for whatever comes next. If your child is begging for materials out of order, decrying not having enough play, or running away from the table, then that is all 100% normal, especially when the parent caves to a sufficient level of complaint. With that said, if the material is at your son's frustration level vs. appropriate challenge level, then go back to the beginning and look for gaps.

      I was just looking over the 100 Days of Summer Reading Journal thinking about how genius it is in its simplicity. It's practice writing a variety of uppercase and lowercase letters (with at-shoulder parent supervision), near-point copy work, and reading. Add this in, too. Find ways to write and read every single day as you bridge from your finish with MPK to MP1. And if you still don't believe in his readiness, there is always SC2 to roll into a bridge.
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        My youngest had to start K as a 4 turning 5 in October of his first K year. I would never (ever!) have done this at home but I needed him with me at our cottage school. He did K twice, a 100% repeat. It was great. It made year two much lighter and there were tons of things he acted like he had never seen in his entire life. Ha!

        I just reordered the K consumable set and said, "Oh wow, I bet you can't wait to go back to Kindergarten!" And he couldn't. He loved K, both times.

        No need to do this unless you think it would be helpful. I just wanted to comment and say that we did it and it was great. He goes into 3rd this year (turning 9 in Oct) I'm thankful for the extra year at the beginning.

        Best wishes!
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          Thank you so much for the input, we just ordered the consumables and are going to focus on building confidence and keep on with readers and math games concurrently.



            Great decision! I think you’re going to get a lot more out of the experience the second time through, especially since you probably won’t be as sleep-deprived. Really enjoy the enrichment and read-aloud selections. Take time to solidify those skills he’ll need later on. If a very scheduled setting works for your family, have at it. But always remember to give yourself credit at the end of the day for keeping those three little ones alive, fed, mostly clean, and loved.

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