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    Daily Structure & Subjects questions

    Our family is new to homeschooling for next year and will be using Memoria Press as our spine. I will be using RightStart as well. The ages of my children are 6th grade, 4th grade, 2nd grade and Pre-K/K. I would love to hear how a typical day and week goes in your homeschool with similar ages.

    I am also wondering which subjects in which grades can be mastered mostly independently? And for subjects that I need to teach, about how long did a lesson take? If a child is working independently, how do you check in with the child and also help make sure they are mastering those flash cards and memory work?

    I have loads of other questions to ask regarding how to structure a day so that all four children can accomplish their work, I can teach, and we are at peace and the day is flowing (I am sure you are having a chuckle.. I know not every day, if most days are smooth)

    Thank you!

    Hi Sabrina!

    I am pretty sure I offered a response to your question on FB, where you have gotten several really great responses already. But I wanted to bump this up so that if there are some folks here who could jump into and share also, you would get their response, too.

    Please let us know if you are still in need of more suggestions!

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      Thank you! I appreciate what you have said over in Facebook and appreciate the bump here too. Feeling better and excited already!


        Hi, Sarah!

        I’m in the FB group, too, but thought I would answer here in case it is helpful to others as well.

        My kids are grades 3 and 7, so right around yours. We are still tweaking our schedule, as this is our first year using MP as our core even though it is our eighth year homeschooling, but this is our basic plan:

        1. Together time - we start the day with time together doing Bible reading, recitation (from their core curriculum guides and Bible verses, and eventually poetry), and a couple of things we are learning together. Since my daughter missed all the earlier read-alouds, I’m going to do some of those for third grade with both of them. We are also using some non-MP enrichment materials on a loop schedule (composers, art study, music theory, etc.), so we’ll do these as well. All of this might take an hour or so?

        2. Daily work: We will hit these first lest they get postponed, as so often happens. These are Latin, math, Literature, and composition for my daughter, as well as EGR and spelling (but those take very little time). She can do a lot of that independently outside of the first Latin, EGR, and spelling lesson each week. She uses the DVDs for Classical Composition and I do need to work with her on discussing literature, but she can read on her own. For my daughter, this should take about two hours.

        For my son, daily work includes Math, spelling, literature, and cursive, along with EGR/writing. He needs my help with a good bit of that, but we also get through faster, and then he can play while I help my daughter. So for him, it may take between 60 and 90 minutes, depending on if we are doing EGR or writing that day.

        We will save our “loop topics” (not daily) for after lunch. These are Christian/classical and Modern studies/poetry/science. These are more fun and interesting, so it is tempting to do them first, but experience has taught me that they are easier to catch up on than math or Latin, so this year I am really trying to be stricter about this!

        My son is able to do some independently on these, like reading a biography or science, but he still needs me there most of the time. I’m finding my daughter does too, especially with the initial presentation of new material - in part because MP is new to us and in part because she still wants that time with Mama, so I may get her started on this each day and then have her do her student guides independently while I work with my son. It’s really only going to be about 60-90 minutes all together for the two rotations.

        One more thing - I am NOT sticking to the days of the week in the core guide or even to doing everything in the same week. We are approaching the guide as a checklist and when we get it done we will check it off. If things open up again around us, we will have a couple of afternoon activities, one a weekly PE time and one a twice-a-month nature study, so we will get off schedule pretty quickly there. I am trying to get somewhat ahead in those loops over the summer so we will still end everything together by mid-May, but we can also double up on some of that if we need to more easily than we can Latin or math.

        Hope that helps! I know I’ve only got two compared to your four, but it helps to think in terms of what they can do on their own and what they need help with.

        One other thing - I made them both a review box, as is described in the grade 3 guide. My son CAN do that independently and it is a way of putting the information in front of him daily even when we are not doing a subject daily. For my daughter, we will mainly use it for Latin and her flashcards from EGR and Famous Men of Greece.
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