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    Flash card organization

    I have the 3rd and 4th grade curriculum kits. Feels like we're drowning in flash cards. Any tips for organization? I'm not happy with them in ziploc bags at the moment. I thought about pencil boxes but feel there has to be a better solution that's a closer fit!
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    I use BCW cardboard boxes that I purchased from Amazon. Most flashcards fit the 200 size pretty well but I also bought the 400 size for some of the larger sets. I then cut up a pool noodle to fill in empty space so the cards don't fall over and added some tabs similar to AAR to keep cards separate for review, mastery and future use. I didn't have the patience to laminate or hole punch!


      At the end of last school year, I wanted to burn all my flash cards --- because 5 children in MP over 9 years equaled SO MANY FLASHCARDS.

      I looked at the photo and craft keeper boxes from Michaels, and this is how we're organizing them when we're not using them.

      Click image for larger version

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      I use my label maker to mark the boxes, so that I can find them quickly. I'm still working on getting them all organized, but I'm nearly there. I have a box for 'current year' and then I have a box for years coming up. (that will soon grow to two boxes).

      Link to Photo Keeper at Michaels ----- be sure to buy this on sale. Full price is ridiculous.

      For the bigger flashcards like States and Capitals, I use a photo keeper in a bigger size.

      Link for 5x7 photo keeper at Michaels

      When the flash cards are in use, we have a different system. I hole punch them and put them on a binder ring. Then I hang them on magnetic metal hooks from my teacher cart. (also found at Michaels.)
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