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    Latina Christiana Logistics Clarification

    Hi all, I'm new to MP, but not to homeschooling. We're not following any cores, only using Latin at this time. I'm hoping to get some clarification on how the lessons should progress. I have the full LC curriculum, including the DVD and CD, and I just ordered the reviews as well.

    I'm mostly confused about drills. We haven't done these before. In the Teacher Manual, it says under "Instructions for Voc and Grammar Drill" to use the pronunciation CD for drills. In the One Year Pace Lesson Plans though (on Tuesday in this example), it says to "Listen to CD track ___" , then "Complete exercises" (I understand those are the student workbook exercises) , then do the drills. So, I'm confused about how the CD's are to be used. Are they just pronunciation references, as "listen" would indicate, or are they to be used for the drills themselves (or both)? If so, how does that work? Does the student listen to the CD, then write the words they are hearing, to practice spelling?

    Another question - on Fridays in the Lesson Plans, it says "practice conjugating". Should the student just orally recite the conjugations they've learned so far, or should they write these down again for practice? How is this different from the Grammar drills they've done on the other days?

    I would probably have an easier time with this if I had used MP for other subjects in the past and were more familiar with the general procedures for drills.

    Thanks to anyone who can help!


    The pronunciation CD is mainly your guide for pronunciation. But if you look at the Teaching Guidelines on p. 4 of the Teacher Guide, under CD Written Drill, it recommends that "students need to hear, see, say, and write vocabulary, saying, and grammar forms 2-3 times each week." If you put the pronunciation CD on the first day, you can have your student recite all the vocabulary, saying, and grammar forms (or you can just do this yourself without the CD). That takes care of the oral drill (hearing and saying). While your student is listening to the CD, he can write his vocabulary, saying, and grammar form for the week on one of the reproducible drill forms. He doesn't have to keep up with the CD; it basically acts as background noise while copying, reinforcing the pronunciation. That takes care of writing and the seeing because the student is copying his words from the student book. This is all to get mastery because LC is an introductory course. The goal would be to come out of LC with mastery over the spelling and meanings of the vocabulary words and sayings, as well as the memorization and spelling of the grammar forms. True understanding and application will come later. So completing these activities is the focus of LC. That's why we do them several times a week. And then, hopefully, the quiz at the end of the week will be a piece of cake!

    The practice in conjugating is an oral recitation, again for mastery of the grammar forms. They don't need to be written again unless your student is struggling with the spelling.

    If I have not cleared this up for you, let me know! I'm glad to answer any further questions.



      Thank you so much Tanya! That's very helpful.