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7th Grade Arithmetic

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    7th Grade Arithmetic


    Recently began College of the Redwoods for grade 7 Arithmetic (Pre-Algebra). Not fond of it. Liked Rod & Staff. And besides that, Arithmetic isn't something I'm specifically gifted in; therefore, don't feel particularly well equipped to teach it. So, wondering if anyone has any experience, pro or con, in regards to R&S's grade 7 for Pre-Algebra? Also told that skipping College of the Redwoods and just jumping right into Video Text (grade 8 Algebra I) could be an option. Just taking it slow...using it over the course of two or so grade levels. I will say though that the child at this level isn't naturally gifted at Arith. either. She's intelligent for sure, just not "talented and gifted" in this area. I only add this so that when considering whether or not Video Text is right for her, you know that she's not specifically gifted in this area. Maybe those who have used Video Text as a Pre-Al course have been gifted in Arith.; therefore, making this an option that isn't suitable for us? With that, I'm hoping that if we'd go this route, the videos would be sufficient for teaching her and I can stand in the background, so to speak. Can anyone speak to this...are the videos a good enough teacher? I often feel as though I'm not helping her much, even confusing her more, which is not what I want, of course. I'd like another method (looking into a private tutor for this too) for teaching/learning this art.

    Thank you all!

    Brandi :-)

    Hi Brandi!
    There is nothing to worry about with having a math book not suit your child, or your own personal taste. Using the 7th grade Rod and Staff book as another year of preparation for upper school math is a good option. Many children do use that as a way to age-up somewhat before starting upper level maths. In your situation I would probably use that, and then go right into Videotext. Sounds like a good plan.

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      Hi, Sarah!

      Hmmm...that doesn't sound like a bad idea! What do you think about completing R&S grades 7 & 8 (we've used R&S from the beginning and I just like the idea of finishing it all out...seeing it all the way through, so to speak) and then moving into Videotext for Pre-A/Algebra both? She's currently at a 7th grade level, so would she be behind mathematically if we take this route or maybe it doesn't really even matter? She's our oldest, so this is all new territory for us! I guess in my mind I think that we *should* be in a Pre-A text right now...*everyone* else is, right!? Anyway, any more thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

      And by the way, do you (or anyone) have experience with Videotext? I'm a little leery of it just b/c I'm not a big fan of DVD/on-line type learning, esp. for some subjects, or arts, arith. being one of them. BUT, maybe it's good!? I only ask now b/c as I'm thinking about our journey in arith., maybe I ought to look a bit ahead as I wish I had done at this time...I just assumed we'd use whatever MP offers in their core package b/c we've liked everything else, for the most part, not thinking it might not be a good fit for us. Now I know, I guess...learn as we go here, huh!? And it's been such a beautiful journey and I'm grateful for it! :-)

      Thank you for your thoughts; for helping me!


      Brandi :-)