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Read alouds for 7th grade

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    Read alouds for 7th grade


    Would anyone be interested in sharing readalouds for 7th grade? We have slowed on readalouds and audiobooks because upper middle school is tough from a reading level and content standpoint. Last year we enjoyed Oliver Twist, Across Five Aprils, and Animal Farm, among others, on audiobook. It's a great opportunity to stretch. I take the time to pause and look up vocabulary or discuss what is happening.
    I'm trying to compile a list for next year, and I'd be very interested in learning what others have done and enjoyed for this grade level (age 12).

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    At a virtual conference this spring, I heard Mr. Cothran recommend The Dog Who Wouldn’t Be by Farley Mowatt. We just finished it and loved it.

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      If you are doing the 7th grade American History then Johnny Tremain is a great addition.
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        What about Watership Down? We adore that book!
        Mr. Midshipman Hornblower is also great.
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          Thanks for the recommendations. I've added them to my list.

          I asked about read alouds, but more broadly, we're just running low on recreational reading fitting for junior high.

          Jessica, my husband has all the Hornblower books. We just pulled Mr. Midshipman out of storage and handed it over. We'll weigh when to bring out others in the series. I understand the content becomes more mature.

          Being home so much lately, there's a lot of recreational reading happening. Recently, my 7th grader has read Great Expectations, Fahrenheit 451, the Roman Britain Trilogy, To Kill a Mockingbird, Sherlock Holmes, and probably some things I'm forgetting. He's gravitating toward classics, asserting the older books are better written and more wholesome. I just came across a PDF of Martin Cothran's book recommendations for boys, and I'm starting to pick through it. It's a challenge to gauge an age range for books I've not read recently and/or aren't reviewed on content websites like Common Sense Media.

          DS 7A with Third Form, MPOA and at home, violin
          DD 5A, MPOA and at home, violin