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FSR Book D: K vs. SC1

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    FSR Book D: K vs. SC1

    I was just curious how SC1 structures Book D compared to the Kindergarten curriculum. With my daughter it was confusing for us to jump around in the book, from front to back and front again (while also adding in other vowel teams). We ended up fixing that by foregoing the lesson plans and just working straight through the workbook with the teacher's manual. That went fine.

    Now we're planning to work through Book E for exposure to those vowel teams and get a headstart before doing 1st grade in the fall.

    So, for her purposes, we're past needing these plans, but I do have a younger son and was interested to know how SC1 goes through Book D.

    Thanks so much!

    You are right that SC 1 moves in a linear progression for FSR D.
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      The SC1 plans might be very beneficial as a whole to your son. They include many movement activities as well. The first 10 weeks are loaded with them. AT some point the manual says "see which one your child likes best and continue using that throughout.

      In SC1 the core skills K book is used alongside FSR, but core skills 1 is scheduled in the summer. (so you may want to use it during the school year, or save it for summer). We love using core skills in the summer. I usually have my kids do about 1 hour of school 3x a week in the summer, along with reading. They still have plenty of time for summer!

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        I wanted to mention the reasoning for the skipping around in Book D, as well as the introduction to vowel teams. By the time students begin Book D, they have a solid foundation in short vowel words. But, reading is developmental so not everyone is ready to move at the same pace. Before starting Book D, all should have mastered short vowels though. At Book D we are near the end of the school year and in order to complete all the lessons within the number of weeks remaining in the school year, we must complete two lessons a week. We combined the h-team lessons with the long vowel, magic e ones because all the h-teams(excepting ch) are familiar because they have been in the common words students have been reading all year. Many h-team words are prevalent on the spring standardized tests as well, so we wanted to be sure and cover them earlier. At some point we intend to rearrange Book D a bit so the lessons are in the order in which we teach them. This will allow the lessons to be more linear, though we will still teach long a with magic e then an h-team rather than going straight through all the vowels first.

        The addition of the vowel teams is for those students who are ready. The lessons ask you to introduce them and read a few words with them, but they are never assessed and there is no expectation for mastery of them. They are simply an introduction because words containing these teams are likely to be encountered in reading. If the student comes across a word with a vowel team and hesitates, simply remind them of the sound and clue picture then continue decoding. You were wise to notice your child was not ready yet for these, and to wait rather than push though and possibly have a frustrated reader! Great job Momma! You may find that your next reader is ready for those teams earlier though.

        The SC plans will take you straight through Book D.



          Thanks so much for the help! It's so nice to have a forum to ask these questions!