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How to start IEW/All Things Fun

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    How to start IEW/All Things Fun

    Is there a course required for the teacher (me) to teach the IEW writing subject to my soon to be third grader?
    Can anyone walk me through getting started with that?


    Here's my summary from another post:

    I watched the DVD, and I read through the TM and did a few examples of my own. The key is to not overcomplicate any of these early writing programs. ATFF is a form of retelling informative as well as narrative passages of text through replacing banned words with richer vocabulary. There are a few grammatical concepts taught which pair nicely with EGR, and as soon as your child gets the hang of the key word outlining, it takes the training wheels off and allows your student to soar (it steers you toward main idea nouns and verbs, with adjectives and adverbs being secondary and exchangeable).

    What I appreciated about ATFF was how it got my student excited about using a thesaurus. She even memorized a rule about hyphenating color words (crimson-red cord) proceeding nouns on her own.

    Here's an example of a rough draft and KWO my eldest did for one of the lessons toward the end.
    Click image for larger version

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      The program also comes with a 45 min. dvd of Andrew Pudewa teaching you how to teach writing. It's more of an overview. I watched it when we first started selling it, and you could get the information you need form the teacher guide, but Andrew is always interesting too.



        Thank you for the sample and explanation! So helpful