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200 questions American history student

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  • tanya
    We did rework the guide to remove the references to Everything You Need to Know. And we no longer have those first edition guides. But I don't think you will have much trouble using the 2nd edition guide with the 1st edition teacher. Most of the questions come from Guerber, so there will only be a few changes. Most of the answers reference Guerber or SOTW + Everything, so we didn't have to make many changes.

    But if you get it and find it totally frustrating, feel free to reach out to me. I just made a quick comparison of the two files, and I didn't really see any text changes, just changes to the references.


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  • Mom2mthj
    started a topic 200 questions American history student

    200 questions American history student

    I seem to remember the American history 200 Questions student guide was revised when the everything you need to know about American history homework went out of print. Is it still possible to get a copy of the original student guide since I own the books from a previous child? Thanks!