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Traditional Spelling 1 - How much do you use?

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    Traditional Spelling 1 - How much do you use?

    Hey, all, I'm getting ready for my daughter's next school year, and we're doing more of the core this time. However, I am looking at the workload and wondering how many of you use the supplemental workbook and practice sheets for spelling. Do you think they're needed/worth it?

    We're finishing up FSR D in the next couple weeks. My daughter hasn't had spelling yet, but she likes to write. From her sweet little writings, she is a very phonetic speller (based on what she knows so far, not always accurate).

    Thank you,

    We use all of the supplemental sheets. In the beginning of the year, my reluctant writer had a hard time getting it all done, but by week 6, doing the colorful letters was her favorite activity. She liked the "independent work" of mom not hovering over her to practice her words. For the workbook, I was right there checking pencil grip, letter formation and correct spelling. If I look back at her TS books, there were a few weeks that the words were so easy that she didn't write them outside of the workbook practice, but I was surprised at how much she enjoyed it.
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      We like to use it all. I know several families do not. I think I would consider it all essential, until you see you don't need it. Those supplemental sheets could be good, independent summer review sheets if you find you don't need it during the school year.

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        Thanks, ladies, for your replies. That is a good point about summer review...


          We used TS I before the supplemental sheets were available. I made sure we did every activity listed in the book (the gray boxes on the sides), and she did complete the practice sheets.

          I was using TS I, and subsequently II, with a late reader and a girl that needed a TON of reinforcement with phonics. For a child where spelling and phonics comes more naturally, I'm not sure the supplemental sheets and practice sheets would be necessary.

          You'll love TS I, though. It is such a methodical, thorough way to teach spelling. I'm a huge fan!
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            Honestly, we've skipped the supplemental sheets so much I forgot we had them. I was digging through her books and saw it. I thought, wow, this thing is pretty useful....we should use these. And then we didn't. Truth. I too thought they would be a good summer review, but we shall see what reality holds. For summer work, I would consider them busy work for this child. If we haven't needed them all year, why assign them over summer, right? Busy work.

            For this child, an average first grader with a mid-year birthday, neither the supplemental sheets or that other book were essential. Seriously, your child could just write their spelling words on lined notebook paper and then do the colorful overwriting. She does a page a day in the main workbook and that's enough.

            I have a special needs child as well. For him, the whole kit and caboodle will be necessary. The teaching and overreaching and incessant review will be very important.

            If you find you need it....order it. But if money is tight, I would skip it for now.
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