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Foundations of English (MPOA), First Form Latin and GR

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    Foundations of English (MPOA), First Form Latin and GR

    Hello Everyone,

    I plan to enroll my 12 & 13 year old sons in FOE for the fall. They did one year of IEW writing program and grammar with Classical Conversations Essentials before going back to public school this past fall. We however pulled them out of school and will be homeschooling them. Both do not have any formal grammar lessons under their belt. The 12 year old is a strong reader, great story writer and doing well in spelling. He is going trough the 6th grade literature set. The 13 year old reading is a struggle but I have a strong feeling he can do better if we continue to fill in the gaps. He struggles tremendously in spelling. I gave him the spelling test from IEW phonic zoo. He only got about 11 correct out of 50 words. They suggested I start him off in a lower level spelling course. We will! This will help his reading. He is very diligent in working through the 5th grade literature set as he did last year. He went through the 4th grade set.

    I will be enrolling my 13 year old into the Classic 1 course so I plan to skip the 6th grade set so he could read the Trojan War and Bronze Bow while/before getting to the Iliad in Classics. The 6th grade Medieval set is great and I think he will love them but I want get him moving along. He loves action stories and books (maybe we will just do what he can with that set before the fall starts). We just have to do FOG before the fall. Both sons did Greek Myths (one with MPOA). They loved it.

    We want to do Latin. We were thinking about doing it with MPOA but we have a daughter who will be entering 5th grade (will be 11 in Dec) and we want her to do Latin also. We can teach them all together using FFL. Her reading and writing is behind. She is reading Sarah Noble, Peter Rabbit and Little House books (2nd grade set). Its a struggle for her. Next year she will be going through the 3rd grade Lit set at home. We are unhappy with the public school system so we are bring her home also. She wants to get better and urges us to help her get her work done. She really wants to get better.

    FYI: The boys will be doing MS Composition also while my daughter does IEW and Shurley English with another online school. We wanted her to get two years of IEW since it worked so well for our boys. She then will have some of that under her belt before switching to MP for Classical Comp 1 in 7th grade.

    I see the English Grammar Recitation sets go with the Latin Forum Series. Should we get these books? The boys will be doing Foundations of English Grammar (FOE) in the fall with MPOA. Or is FOE not necessary if they will be going through the Latin program if we do the English Recitation books.