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    Summer Plans

    What are your summer plans? Does anyone follow the recommendations from HLS for summer work? I think it would be beneficial for my rising sixth-grader to at least do the FFL review book.

    How are you handling this summer with the likelihood that camps, pools, church activities, etc., will be canceled/closed? My kids haven't been too affected by the shutdown during the school year, but summer will be another story! I'm honestly dreading NOT having the school routine every day because, at this point, there isn't really anything to look forward to or plan for, when in past summers we've stayed busy with VBS, swim lessons, day camps, vacation, trips to the library and movies...
    DS, 11 (MP 7M)
    DD, 8 (MP 3M)
    DD, 5 (MP K)
    DS, almost 1! (chewing on books and knocking stuff over)

    My plan is to have a baby and invite grandparents, aunts, and uncles over to entertain the older kids while I deal with a newborn, haha!


      We do a lot of activities on the water (swimming, boating...hence my username: "by boat") and so far our beaches and waterways are open for leisure. I pray they stay open. We're not sports and paid activities folks, so it's no big change to our routine.

      We're keeping to a tight summer schedule of 20 minutes (set a timer) of Latin review, 15 min of math facts review (100 sheets), and free reading throughout the day. Next week is finals week, so we may skip 1 week for my sanity. With my K-er, I'm plugging forward in math and reading for about 30 min/day. We'll read books in the evening and be outside as much as we can.

      I'm a firm believer in letting children's brains rest and grow, diversify, and incorporate new life experiences.
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        I feel you. Not much of a summer break if there's no where to go and nothing to do! Our homeschool finishes May 15th, and I'm seriously considering starting the new year after a two week break.
        ~ Carrie
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          ShaunaN Where can I find the summer guidelines for all of the grades? I can't seem to locate them on the website.

          Usually, our summers are filled with church camps, VBS, volunteering, days at the park, etc., but this year doesn't seem like it's going to go that way! We are supposed to be finished with school the first week in June.

          I have always given my children about 6-7 weeks off between school years, and we often start back the end of July. We don't do any school work during that time. I love for my children to have free time to play outside, use their imaginations, read a million and one books, and just be kids.

          This year, however, I have a child that will do summer school - math, English (we use Rod and Staff), Spelling, and First Form Latin review. I have had to sit on her to do any and all school work this year. It's been utterly exhausting. She is very behind where she needs to be, and we will trudge along with her studies will she catches up some.

          I will be honest that I dread this quite a bit. I need a mental break, too.
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            Dd was scheduled to be gone the entire month of June to camps as a camper or to be a camp counselor, and was a finalist for a summer travel program scholarship that would have had her traveling all of July and part of August!

            It's just as well, though, because I had no idea where we were going to put driver's ed. Dd is doing that, a math elective, going through some some classical studies books we missed, and is doing summer assignments for the AP classes she's taking in the fall. We stopped taking summers completely off a long time ago. It just doesn't go well. I've always tried to have some unscheduled time in her day year-round, but that gets much more difficult in high school.
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              My oldest is taking the SFL review class through MPOA, and we will continue with her other subjects until they're finished. We wound up skipping King Arthur, so with fewer things on her plate we will try and add that back in and tackle it together. She also begged me to buy the Little Women set, so we may talk through that.

              My son (who I have posted about before) will work on finishing up Latin and move forward on Math. We are also going to take this time to work on stamina for writing. I haven't completely pieced together plans for him just yet, but things are starting to come together. I found a wonderful guide for The Children's Homer that we will probably work through, and I am also going to have him complete some of the read alouds he hasn't had time for.

              Either way, my plan is to remain fairly structured through the end of MPOA (first week of August). Then we will have 2 weeks completely off, maybe 3, and start back. We all do better with a little structure, and starting earlier means we have more time to take off random days for beautiful weather in the fall.

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                Summer Review and Suggestions
                Plans for 2021-22

                Year 11 of homeschooling with MP

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                  Amanda Z We also have a baby coming this summer (in August)! Unfortunately, we're 1200 miles from our nearest family, so I won't have anyone to keep my other kids busy.

                  MamaHill Here's the link to the HLS summer suggestions:

                  Thanks to everyone for your suggestions! I think we will also try to read through some of the read-alouds and American studies books we didn't get to this year. I know we will need a little structure, even with lots of free time, so that we don't drive each other crazy! I like the 100 Days of Summer Reading journal & Summer Cursive that came with my first-grader's core & I know she'll enjoy completing those through the summer, especially if there is a reward at the end
                  DS, 11 (MP 7M)
                  DD, 8 (MP 3M)
                  DD, 5 (MP K)
                  DS, almost 1! (chewing on books and knocking stuff over)


                    We usually do a little Latin review and keep going on math at a slower pace during the summer. I have a list they need to finish before they can have the screen, for days we’re not out and about at camps, volunteering, or the beach. It includes reading, a creative activity, quality time with siblings and outside/physical time.

                    As for this summer, it really depends on how long everything will be shut down. If it lasts until the end of summer, we will start the new school year after a couple weeks off next month. That way, we can take off time when our town opens back up, and hit the beach, travel, etc. Or, by being ahead, we can take a day off of school weekly and seek adventure. Our governor suggested public school students start the school year in July, in the event we need to shutdown again in the late fall and winter. Sigh. I want to take advantage of any time not quarantined!
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                      Originally posted by DiannaKennedy View Post
                      Thanks for including this, Dianna! So good to have ideas to come up with a plan!

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