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MP Packages vs. Charter Packages

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    MP Packages vs. Charter Packages

    I’m comparing the First Grade Enrichment sets. The Read-Aloud set on both sites have a comparable number of books; however, the Science & Enrichment sets are quite different: Not only does the Charter set contain books that were already purchased for Kindergarten, but it also contains books that aren’t mentioned in the MP set (I’m thinking specifically of The Little Red Hen and The Seven Little Postman).

    Can anyone help me understand why the sets are so different? Would my child be missing out if I don’t scrub both sets and make a Master List of the books and when they’re read?

    thank you for your insight and advice!
    DD~2 (no learning difficulties), starting SC A (with few modifications) in January

    When we looked through books for the charter sets we had to remove ones with Christian content. We replaced the Read Aloud for the week, but unless there was a title we already carried that could be used for the Science & Enrichment we didn't replace those. We just don't have enough warehouse space to carry more titles. So, we used titles we were already stocking for SC or other grades when we could but otherwise we didn't suggest a title. Both Enrichment sets are very nice. You can always see the theme used in science and history then get titles on those themes at the library! (Once they open again!)


      I would just choose the set that goes with the curriculum you purchase. So, if you order the regular core, go with that set and vica versa. It's scheduled in your guide which keeps things easy. Don't make more work for yourself!
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