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    Rod & Staff Math 2 Revised Update


    I'm starting this topic because I can't find the original one. If someone finds it and can cross-post for me, that would be great!

    I talked with R&S about the new 2nd grade math, and I had promised you an update (somewhere on this forum!), so here it is:

    1) This edition will be called 3rd, even though to us, it is 2nd. The reason is that the current one is a 2nd edition from 20 years ago or something, but they never put 2nd edition on it. So it's going to look like they have skipped an edition.

    2) This won't be ready for fall. They are still working on the workbooks and think they may be ready by late Aug., but no promises. And they seriously doubt that the teacher manuals will be ready even if they make the workbook deadline.

    3) Format change: There will now be 4 workbooks instead of 5; The blacklines will still exist, but they will be just teacher aides, like flashcard templates, enlarged graphs, etc. The blacklines for students to fill out will now be in a separate Practice Book that is perfed (like the 1st grade workbook). And there will still be 2 teacher manuals.

    4) Content changes: I got some general information, but I don't know how thorough it was. The number facts will all stay the same; new material will be the addition of graphs, rounding calendar, paper bills for money, clock practice that is more advanced (6:05)

    For Memoria Press, we will continue to use the 1st (2nd?) edition this coming school year. We can't wait for R&S and then find out in Aug. that they don't have it done. And we feel the content changes aren't significant anyway. In our curriculum manuals, we have already added some Math Enrichment that covers these additional items. So if you order 2nd grade math from us, you will be getting the same books we have always sold.

    I'm excited about seeing the new product. I trust that it will be the same good quality we always get from R&S, but they aren't ready to share yet!


    Thanks for the great update.

    For graphing, I just have my kids tally their Halloween candy and teach them how to make a bar graph from that. I also have them call their relatives (grandparents love this!) and poll them about their favorite flavor of ice cream and favorite day of the week. Then we graph that as well. I do a quick exposure to line and pie graphs, and we're good. It will be neat to see how they incorporate it for Arithmetic 2. I love the idea of blacklines being consumable! We did so many pages, and the ink really ads up. I'm feeling lucky that we have a few years before we cycle through R&S Arithmetic 2 again. It was excellent as-is, and it sounds like it will be even better.
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