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Latina Christiana: CDs or DVDs?

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    Latina Christiana: CDs or DVDs?

    I'm looking into buying the Latina Christiana. Do the CDs cover the lessons well that DvDs aren't a required purchase? Or just the DVDs or both?

    My only experience in Latin is that I'm now teaching Prima Latina so I definitely need the pronunciation by an actual teacher!
    Thanks for your recommendations!

    Also, would you recommend the Ludere set?

    The Latina CD is really just pronunciation help for vocabulary, sayings, and prayers. The DVD’s teach the lesson.


      I say go for the DVD's. It will cover pronunciation because it's teaching the whole lesson. Be careful buying used because old editions of the DVD don't match the current edition of workbooks / lessons.
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        Yes to the Ludere set and Review Worksheets! Even when we didn't get to them each week, when we wanted to take a review week or do extra work on a weekend, we dove into those Ludere pages and games.

        I bought the entire set including flashcards, DVD and CD. We use the CD near daily because it's easy and quick. About halfway through we stopped watching the DVD because our setup didn't allow her to pause fast enough to answer the questions before the instructor gave the answer. Our Blu-Ray player is older (we were early adopters), so the remote/ receiver isn't as sensitive. Also, if I didn't watch it with her, I couldn't see which words she struggled with or couldn't pronounce. And because our system is hooked into surround sound with only one TV in the main living area, when she had it loud enough to hear clearly, it was too much of a distraction for my youngest to do his work in an adjacent room. So, if I had to do it over, with our unique set up challenges, I would do streaming because you can pause with a button, use headphones from a laptop, and isolate to another room to practice vocab.

        With that said, I might use the LC DVD this summer as a simple refresher since no one else will be needing a quiet learning atmosphere.
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          Thank you for the recommendations! I wasn't sure if the CDs actually taught the lesson - which is definitely what I need!