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    I wanted to add to this conversation because the worries that have been shared are indeed difficult, and if any of us can help each other cope with the current situation better, than that is a really good thing, you know? We can pray for each other more specifically because we know what is on each other's minds. And even just to know that others have the same worries can be helpful!

    Something I try to do to keep my sanity about all of this is to remember each and every day exactly what my role is in this life. I live, for the most part, a very hidden life. Staying within my home (except for a walk or playtime outside) is not something unusual. I do not have any spheres of influence really except for this Forum community - and even that is really limited to the scope of homeschooling. My real, and primary, purpose is to be a good wife and mother to our children. THIS is where I am an expert, so to speak, because no one else could even come close to having the experience and commitment to my family as I do. And therefore, this alone is the area in which I feel qualified to make decisions that affect other people.

    But for me, this holds true for having strong opinions about what the right thing for our society to do is, especially the decisions that need to be made in the world that require such levels of knowledge, information, expertise, and foresight which are far and away beyond my pay grade. I do read and try to keep up in a reasonable way so that I am able to guide my children, but that is not out of an attitude of trying to influence them to think a certain way. It grows out of that same primary responsibility to guide and shape them as people who can think for themselves. I want to have enough information for us to discuss, so that they can see the many sides of these issues, and realize that there are no easy answers.

    I have found that I need to reflect on these commitments every day. It is very tempting to be pulled in different directions based on what people feel is important to share or what gets reported in the media. Sometimes this means I just need to take a break from it all, leave it alone, and live within my own sphere so that I can regain my sense of peace. But most of the time it means that I when I read something, I pray about it. And then I move along with my day. Because here, from this position of being hidden, the only thing I can really do is that has any good effect is to pray, and to remember those who are suffering more than me.

    This is what works for me. Now, it is possible that at some point, the result of all of that prayer might be that the Holy Spirit sets a path before me that requires more action; that would mean stepping out of my hidden life and joining in with some sort of concerted effort to work for change. There is always the potential for that, and when a person feels convinced of something like that, it is important to obey and do what God is leading them to do. But that is a fruit of prayer, and thus far, (thankfully!) that has not been the case for me. And thus, I leave to others what God has entrusted them to do, and I choose to support them through prayer; that they too will listen and obey.

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      I haven't read all the responses, but even though we are all healthy, COVID has turned our world upside down. We are a Coast Guard family, and not under the DoD, so we weren't postponed indefinitely for moving. Instead, we ended up moving everything UP an incredible amount. We got a verbal offer "for sale by owner" on our house in the middle of March (a mere one month after we got our orders anyway), just on the recommendation from a neighbor who knew we were due to move this summer. One week later, I had packed the entire house up, my husband had loaded the entire house in PODS, and the kids and I drove down to our new home that (oh so thankfully) we had just closed on. I had to scramble to get the inside of the house painted professionally because I couldn't do it on my own, and the PODS delivered and movers to get it all in the house, all before the county shut down. I guess it's nice knowing I can handle these type of things, but it was a stress I would gladly never repeat. We were also very lucky that my husband was released from his previous unit early and had lots of leave to use, so he was able to join us after three weeks vs five weeks. He still has not had to check into his new unit, so we are working on making this place feel like home, but with no anchors and no even tentative community here, much less a library card, it still feels surreal. I keep alternating between deeply depressed and mildly functioning.

      We are letting the kids play a bit with the neighbor kids, as we live in Florida with lots of UV radiation, though we did fully quarantine for a month at first. But it's very lonely right now. We are also on extended break from school. This last year was such a disaster of curriculum switching, mental health and autoimmune issues for me, piled on top of moving and now COVID, I just gave up. We are done with our school year. Looks like there won't be any swim teams or camps this summer, so I think we will resume in June--again, we live in Florida: it's too murderously hot to do anything except the pool and school in June anyway!

      We have put in a small butterfly garden and a few pots of basil, and today we are celebrating Harry Potter Day!

      So anyway, that's what's going on with us. :-)
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        Haven't seen you on in a while Fireweed Prep ! Good to hear from you. Glad your move turned out safe.

        We have friends who got orders to Germany, and that is a crazy drama in and of itself.

        FWIW, many libraries are giving out temporary cards on their websites without proof of residency. Usually it's good for 30 days, but a call can sometimes extend it. That way, you'll have access to their Hoopla and Overdrive ebook and audiobook collections. Also, check with your Coast Guard MWR to see if their library has online access through your husband's CAC card login. I know that other branches of the military are offering access to some great digital reads, and until your libraries open up (ours aren't), it's something. We also were able to screen share (mirror) my phone's Hoopla app onto our smart TV. It made the book so much bigger than the tiny print you normally see on a phone or Kindle.
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