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Transitioning to studying from the Student Study Guide

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    Transitioning to studying from the Student Study Guide

    We've been so spoiled by the lit guides and student study guides that have a written review before each test. I confess we're just making this up as we go along now that we've made it to the Paddington guide with no dedicated review. I have her highlight short answer questions that will be on the test, quotes, and we do vocab as flashcards that will appear on the test.

    What do you all do for questions (especially big, essay-like questions) that aren't tied to questions for which they've already written an answer? For discussion questions that become test questions (there are two on the 2nd quiz and three on the final test), we don't write answers, so should I have her write a few key words to make sure she hits all the main points? For test questions that require 5 sentences and have no written question to refer to, do you help them write it out on the study day? My eldest still has trouble answering questions that have over 3 parts (for instance, on question 5 of the final test, it asks how 3 different members of the Brown household try to keep Paddington out of trouble AND how he still manages to get into trouble). She wrote 2 reactions from memory in good, complete sentences. Is that good enough? Without a place to write everything out, she's struggling to study well.

    How does HLS handle the 5-sentence paragraph questions on the final tests that don't have corresponding questions in the guide? Do they work on details in class together and then let the students write with invented spelling on the test? How do other parents handle the "paragraph" questions for tests?
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    I can’t speak to the paragraphs as this will be our first time using the Paddington guide.

    For the multi-part questions: for students who often missed parts of EGR’s multi-step instructions, I taught them to read the instructions (or in your case, the question) and place a small, circled number above each part. This helped them remember each part.

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      I would take this as an opportunity to help her learn these new skills, but also keep in mind the purpose of a test - which is to make sure the child has studied the book well and has much to take away from the book. She is still young, and I would still use my mom-sense to judge what is appropriate for what you know she can do.

      We did not do anything special when we reached these new things. It may just be us, but my kids just do what is put in front of them and don’t really react to the changes. I don’t even highlight the questions for them ahead of time. But that is us, and if it had become a problem, I would have made adjustments to suit them better. So this is me kind of shrugging my shoulders to say, “ We just do it the way it is.” Sorry I cant be of more help direct help!

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