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Putting together a scope

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    Putting together a scope


    Hope you can help me with your knowledge and suggestion

    We would like to start a mix and match journey with my DD (11) Strong reader, strong writer.
    We are currently doing Latina Christiana, Fable and Literature. Plus, Math of course.
    (Doing co-op that meet once a week)

    I am planning on following this path
    Rest of this year starting ASAP

    Start FMOMA
    How could I accelerate this course?

    Geography 1
    Is the geography related to FMOMA? or could I start with Geography 1?

    Also, could I use INSECTS book for science in this year as well?

    We are in the middle of Latina Christina and Fable so we would finish that in the upcoming months.

    After completing the previous,

    I would like my DD to have a solid American history course.

    How about starting THE THIRTEEN COLONIES right now instead of FMMA?

    If this is not recommended, will I able to start 13 Colonies in 6th?

    This will also include FFL and the next level on classical composition.

    I was planning for 7th, to do the Introduction to Classical Studies package that you offer.

    The one that has bibble, FMOR and Greek Myths.

    How is that paced?

    Do you think this plan will work for us?

    I think it would help if we have a clear vision of why you would like to take this approach, your goals, etc. Knowing what you would like to achieve in your daughter's education, will help everyone give the best advice for your situation!
    Blog: [url][/url]

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    DS15: MP, MPOA, HSC
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    DS11: SC 4
    DD9: 3A with First Form Latin (long story!)
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    DD5: January birthday, using SC B and C as a two-year JrK