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    Need Help Understanding Scope & Sequence

    Can someone suggest an article that would help me to understand why grade levels are planned the way that they are? I am trying to understand why certain topics are taught in the order that they are, such as American history and ancient history being taught simultaneously in several levels. I have no criticism, I just don't think that I understand why levels are planned as they are, outside of mastering skills. Thank you so much for your help!

    Check out these articles on history:

    DD1 8/23/09 - MP4 (Math 5)
    DS2 9/1/11 - SC 5/6 2 year pace
    DD3 2/9/13 -SC2/Storytime Treasures/AAR

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      I also had questions like this when we started! As I learned more about MP's approach, both my husband and I were greatly relieved: they don't study "xyz" in such-and-such a grade because "That's what you learn in this grade." Instead, everything is preparing children for what will be needed in both their current level and future levels. It's truly beautiful to see as it plays out from year to year and as the kids make connections to what has come before.

      Here's a link to MP's Scope and Sequence document for schools. It gives a step-by-step, level-by-level rationale for what they are aiming for in each level, in each subject, and why.

      Also, if you can make it to this year's Sodalitas Gathering at MP's school in Louisville, the first day will have an entire session on the program's vision followed by another entire session (presented by moms) on how various families implement the vision in their homes.
      Blog: [url][/url]

      DS16: MP, MPOA, HSC, Breaking the Barrier French
      DS15: MP, MPOA, HSC
      DS12: Mash-up of 6/7M
      DS11: SC 4
      DD9: 3A with First Form Latin (long story!)
      DD8: Mash-up of SC 1/2
      DD5: January birthday, using SC B and C as a two-year JrK


        Thank you, ladies, for your help!


          Thank you for paosting that link! I have now saved it to read later. I always wondered.
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