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    Are there certain guidelines that you use when determining if a child should move to an accelerated core? My daughter is in her first year of memoria press with the 2nd grade core. I was wondering how to know if she would fit well with 3A next year. Any advice in this area would be helpful. Thanks!

    I would say the average family should choose 3A. IT really does depend on your family situation (how many other children do you care for?). Third grade is a big transition year and it requires a lot of mom time. MP modified their school program because so many homeschool families said they could not keep up. How well can your child read and write? Is your child on the older end of the grade, or the younger end of the grade? How has 2nd grade been for you? Can you share more about what your day looks like?

    DD1 8/23/09 - MP4 (Math 5)
    DS2 9/1/11 - SC 5/6 2 year pace
    DD3 2/9/13 -SC2/Storytime Treasures/AAR

    Previous Years
    DD 1 (MPK, SC2 (with AAR), SC3, SC4, SC 5/6
    DS2 (SCB, SCC, MPK, SC2/AAR/Storytime Treasures), Traditional Spelling 1
    DD3 (SCA, SCB, Jr. K workbooks, soaking up from the others, MPK, AAR)


      In general, an older (turning 9 within the first semester of school) average or above student whose parent is able to spend some one on one time each day can handle 3A. Younger or below average students or those who will have to be teaching themselves more should maybe stick with regular 3rd. A student who struggles with reading or writing, with focus, or who is immature for his age would do better in regular 3rd.
      Consider your 2nd grade year- is it going smoothly? Is the student able to focus and stay on task? Can the student read fluently? Are you able to teach/guide daily? Do you have some extra weeks available in your school year to catch up if you start to get behind? Are you willing to work longer into summer if needed to finish? Then if your student isn’t too young (I’d say a 7 turning 8 is maybe too young a newly 8 is borderline, an almost 9 is probably old enough) you can consider trying 3A.
      If you start with 3A and decide it is too much you can always switch. The only thing you would have to completely switch is science from astronomy to mammals. Everything else either stays the same or slows down from 3A to reg 3rd.
      Debbie- mom of 7, civil engineering grad, married to mechanical engineer
      DD, 25, BFA '17 graphic design and illustration
      DS, 23, BS '18 mechanical engineering
      DS, 21, chemistry major
      DS, 18, Physics major
      DD, 15, dyslexic, 10th grade customizednMP plus co-op
      DS, 12, super squirmy, possible dysgraphia, MP 7A
      DD, 6 , K- finally one who seems to like drawing and writing- first one since my oldest!


        Here is a post I wrote a while back about the decision process for this. It will repeat a lot of what Debbie and Christine shared, but maybe help as well:

        16th Year HSing; 10th Year with MP
        DD, 19, Homeschool grad; college sophomore
        DS, 17
        DD, 15
        DD, 13
        DD, 11
        DD, 9
        DD, 7
        DS, 2


          We did 3A this year. My 3rd grader turned 9 by Christmas, so she was older for grade. She is an incredibly strong reader, easily reading *all* of her Greek Myths, Christian Studies, Astronomy, and literature aloud to me each week with inflection and voices. She loves it.
          I only have one other child to teach, and he's pretty easy going.

          If I had to be honest, this year was a massive undertaking. We had to drop a few things to keep the tenor of the school day congenial. For about the first 10 weeks, we did it all. This would have been fine had we not committed to an outside Bible study program that had its own set of really long memory verses, homework, etc. Also, we travel a lot on weekends, and getting to those lengthy Friday quizzes (Latin, spelling, English Grammar Recitation, Christian Studies memory verse, some sporattic poems and Timeline dates) was killing us. This didn't even include Greek Myths, Astronomy, Math, States & Capitals, and Literature quizzes and cumulative tests during the week.

          My eldest is doing really well with the curriculum and enjoying it immensely. We dropped New American Cursive 3 in lieu of having her write everything in her best cursive for all subjects. We stopped completing the Copybook Cursive book & memorizing every single scripture verse (we focus on beautifully writing and memorizing the one that will be on the CSI test and just read/say together the others so we can focus on the scriptures she has to do for her club). We stopped doing written quizzes for EGRI 8 weeks in. My child aces application in the workbook, and she has fully memorized all of the capitalization, grammar rules & examples. We moved Latin quizzes from Thursday to Friday to give her one more day to master the spelling, which I require to be perfect. I didn't make her copy "The Spider & the Fly" poem (long!!), but we analyze each poem, answer most questions orally & copy most of them. We also follow the advice to pick 2-3 questions in CSI, GM & the lit guides to answer in complete sentences. We always do all the vocabulary, but only make flashcards for the ones on the quizzes & tests. I laminated quiz maps for CSI, S&C, & GM to do over & over in dry erase marker.

          Minus a few of the holiday books and GM picture books, I read my eldest all of the read-alouds the summer before. I let my DD read the American history readers on her own over the summer as well. She has reread many throughout the year. Not having those hovering over our heads really lightened the load.

          Look ahead to where this will put your child down the road. Can your 9yo do First Form Latin? I think my child will be able, but we always start early in case we need to throw in a few review weeks, which we have already done to keep at mastery level.
          Mama to 2

          MPK with SC1 Phonics & Math
          SY 20/21


            Thank you to all who responded. All of the information you provided was very helpful. The post from the past was also extremely helpful. I appreciate your time!