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Sodalitas 2020: Rides, room shares, and questions

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    Sodalitas 2020: Rides, room shares, and questions

    Every year we have folks attending Sodalitas who work out arrangements with each other to split costs and share other helpful information. Here is a thread where you can connect with each other. Looking forward to another great conference!

    2019-2020 - 9th Year with MP
    DD, 19, Homeschool grad; Art major/philosophy minor
    DS, 16
    DD, 14
    DD, 12
    DD, 10
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    DD, 6
    DS, 2

    Adding to this: transportation is a big hurdle for many moms. If you're already planning to drive, but are willing to ride-share, please let others know the general direction you'll be coming from so they can see their possibilities!

    I might already have someone coming with me, but if that falls through, I can share with someone coming from Chicago, Northern/Central Indiana, or Central/Southwestern Michigan.
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    MP: Lit 10, VideoText Algebra
    MPOA: High School Comp. II
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    MP: Biology, Lit 10, VideoText Algebra, Greek Tragedies
    MPOA: High School Comp. II, Fourth Form Latin
    HSC: Modern European History

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    Second Form Latin, EGR III, and HSC for US History

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    Still in SC Level 2

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      I will be coming from Northeastern Ohio. I am traveling on Sunday and staying in Louisville until Thursday morning. I would be happy to pick someone up along the way. Also, I am staying at the Holiday Inn Express and Suites and would be interested in splitting the room costs, if someone might be looking for a roommate. I already have reservations for Sunday night through Tuesday night. I will be spending Wednesday evening with a friend in Frankfort.

      Homeschooling mom for 10 years

      dd - 9th grade using MP and Homeschool Connections
      ds - 7th grade using MP


        I will be flying in on Sunday and leaving Thursday. I’d love to meet someone at the airport and share a rental car and hotel room.

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        DS14, 7th
        DS13, 6th
        DD13, 6th
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          This is going to be my first year going to Sodalitas Conference. I was hoping to reduce the cost of going by maybe sharing a hotel with someone or an Airbnb with a couple ladies. I will be there Sunday evening through Thursday morning. Please let me know if you would be interested in sharing.
          1st year homeschooling, 1st year with MP

          DD 10, 3rd/4th mixed subjects
          DS 2
          DD 11 mos



            I would be happy to share my room at Holiday Inn with you. I only have a room for Sunday thru Wednesday as I am leaving after the conference on Wednesday. Feel free to private message me, if you are interested.


            Homeschooling mom for 10 years

            dd - 9th grade using MP and Homeschool Connections
            ds - 7th grade using MP