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Questions about using Classical Phonics with TS1

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    Questions about using Classical Phonics with TS1

    I'm just starting TS1 with my 2nd grader. We are going to be doing the complete MP2 core next year, so my plan is to just work through TS1 and start TS2 when we finish (we'll be off cycle a little with MP2, but I'm ok with that). We are also going to complete MSTT before we start MP2. I thought there would be more explicit instructions about how to use the Classical Phonics book with TS1, but if there are I can't find them. Not sure what kind of instructions are in MSTT either as we haven't received that yet. This is probably really obvious, but I feel like I'm missing something.

    Can anyone tell me how I should be using the Classical Phonics book with TS1? I see the lesson references the page numbers that are pertinent to the lesson, but I don't understand what I do with that. I went over the actual phonics with the referenced phonics cards but I'm not sure what I do with the book. Should I just read over the rule (if there is one) and then have him read all the applicable words even though he already knows them all.

    Yes! Reading words out of context is wonderful practice for straight decoding, and it builds fluency by increasing the frequency with which the student sees the words. It also builds spelling patterns through word families.

    My 2nd grader just read the words on the list and the back of the phonics flashcards. Sometimes we would see if any of the words followed the rule, like ck coming after a single short vowel in duck, trick, back, rock and luck.
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      Great. We read the phonics card words and the applicable words in the Classical Phonics book today. They were all very easy, so I think we'll plan on going through them once on day 2 for now. Thanks!