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Handwriting without tears or MP?

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    Handwriting without tears or MP?

    I am wondering if anyone can give a compare/contrast on handwriting without tears vs. the MP method for handwriting? Also, does Latin start in K or in 3rd grade?


    I've never done HWOT, so I can't compare there. NAC uses a cute approach with smiles, grins, and jumps. My eldest came to cursive from another program and already had all of the mechanics down for a year before starting, so I can't asses whether it can take a child from zero skill to practicing. It did, however, take my child from emerging to beautiful (when she slows down to put effort into it).

    Prima Latina can be started in any grade where a child is writing independently and has a mind to memorize a few short prayers and write 5 words 5 times per week. It is traditionally started with MP2, second grade. My eldest did PL with the MP2 core and is doing very well in Latina Christiana (1 yr pace), but there is also a 2-year pace to finish the second half in 4th.
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      I used HWT extensively with my oldest 3 children. I paid big bucks to go to the Teacher Training and bought a lot of their materials. I don't think that is necessary for all homeschooled kiddos, but it certainly was necessary for my #1 and #3 children. It was money very well spent for us.

      I didn't come to MP until my #4 was already through 2 years of HWT, so I can't give an adequate report since we didn't use MP handwriting from the beginning. For this particular #4 child, NAC has helped her develop more style in her cursive, but she also enjoys handwriting.

      If your child is struggling with handwriting at all, HWT offers a few helps along the way. The chalkboard slate was invaluable to my children, as was the idea of the starting corner.

      I don't think HWT cursive looks all that pleasing to the eye, but its approach is marvelous with the magic c.

      I don't start my children in Prima until they're in 3rd grade, and then we move on to Latina Christiana in 4th. Even though MP schedules Prima for MP2, this method has worked well for our family.
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      6th grade DD: Mostly 6M
      4th Grade DD: Mostly 4NU
      3.5 yo DS: Copious amounts of time outside beating on things with sticks; MP Preschool and Mom Extras 2-3 days a week


        I think HWOT is great for printing, but I don't like their cursive. There's no slant, and they emphasize making sure to "climb back up exactly the same line" or whatever -- meaning a cursive lower case "p" or "d" should not have a hint of loop to the "line" portion of it. This seems bizarre to me -- that totally defeats the purpose of cursive, which is to write legibly and quickly. If you're trying to write exactly up and down and not create any loops, that's just pointless and tiring. We used Abeka K cursive but it didn't take, though I liked it. This year my first grader started NAC 1 and she's been doing great. I think the instructions are good.


          Thank you all for your advice. I love being able to ask for feedback on here. You all are most helpful 🙂