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    Kindergarten Spelling

    Hi all- new here! I'm trying to decide how to use the $10 gift card Memoria Press sent me.

    My oldest is 5 and is an excellent reader; we are doing the MP cursive program to try to catch her handwriting skills up to the amount that she is writing anyway (she writes letters, little books, etc. during her rest time in the afternoons). Along the same lines, I'm thinking she could use a spelling program, but I want to keep it pretty low key since its just kindergarten. So can I get just the Traditional Spelling I Student Workbook, or even just the practice sheets, or do I need the teachers manual and everything? (If you say I need everything, then give me your favorite MP $10 items because I don't want to spend the money on everything at this point ?)

    Are you using First Start Reading with your daughter this year? If so, the dictation is plenty. Traditional Spelling 1 is scheduled in 1st as a part of the continued phonics work. In my opinion, you need the teacher’s guide to be able to teach the lessons that go along with the student activities. It is more than just memorizing ten words.

    Do you have the read aloud books or the supplemental science or history books? My children love them and reread them regularly. I believe you can order just one or two if you only want to spend $10.

    For 2021-22
    dd- 6th
    ds- 3rd
    dd- 1st
    ds- adding smiles and distractions


      OK thanks! We are not using First Start Reading--she learned with 100 Easy Lessons, and just took off from there so we're not doing a reading program anymore.

      I'll check out the science and history supplement options!