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Black line Masters in R&S

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    Black line Masters in R&S

    We started using R&S 2 & 3 this year. I’m not sure whether we should be using the black line masters as stated in the R&S teacher book or not. How do you all incorporate the BLs?

    They are for extra practice if you feel your child needs them. Totally optional unless stated in your curriculum manual. HTH!
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      Enigma is correct. We do schedule the blacklines that our teachers do in the lesson plans we have created, but the other ones that are scheduled in R&S are good too if you need reinforcement or review on a particular concept - or if you have a really motivated student who loves worksheets! But the ones in our curriculum lesson plans are the only ones we actually use in class (unless a teacher sees a weak spot in a particular class that needs to be shored up with extra practice, which can happen).



        Oh good! I assumed when the lesson plan said, R&S Lesson 61, that it included the listed black line worksheets in the teacher’s manual as well. I’ve had my kids do all the black line worksheets for each lesson. Math was taking forever and the kids were not enjoying the process. It felt like overkill, but I also have kids who need lots of repetition.

        Thanks for the clarification.