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    . . . that when the MP parents and staff tell you that you will find your family's own way to do MP, they are telling you the truth. Although it will take time, you will find your way and you will grow more deeply into the materials along with your children.

    . . . that when you are tempted to go down a rabbit hole, you can go there on your own, without switching curriculum on your children. Read and ponder all kinds of educational possibilities if you are curious and let your imagination wander, but take your questions to the MP forum for input from these experienced educators. The parents on here have not only vast experience with MP's classical materials, many of them have tried various homeschooling/educational styles and philosophies and they have a lot of wisdom. Like Sarah noted above, there are universal truths about educating children and young people. We can save ourselves some pain by learning from the veterans.

    A bit of an aside, I wandered down any number of rabbit holes before committing to MP and it put one of my children farther behind than he needs to be. So since committing to MP cores two years ago, I am seldom tempted by anything. But if you are new and haven't wandered down those paths, you can still learn about them, but stay with your MP commitment for your children's work, and present your questions and ideas to the MP forum.

    This is a great thread - thank you!