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    R&S Math 4 question

    We'll be starting 3rd and 4th grades next week (yay!) and while looking over my Math materials I've come up with a question:

    Is the fourth grade item "Math Facts and Speed Drill Packet-Reproducible Blacklines" scheduled in my Math 4 lesson plans? These loose leaf pages are different from the small speed drill booklet that is scheduled on the even numbered lessons. If not scheduled, what is their recommended use?

    Thanks for your help!

    We use them as needed when a skill needs extra repetition. My eldest even asks for them occasionally. The Teacher's textbook usually lists a little note in the margin of each lesson with a suggestion of which Blacklines tie into each lesson for review. There is also a table of contents for quick reference of skills needing review.
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      I have kept this post in my inbox because I was out of town and wanted to get back to the office to check our lesson plans. That extra math speed drill packet is to give you more options for 100 problem speed drills. At HLS, our students start every math class with a 100 problem speed drill. That is our warm-up. Our goal is for our 3rd graders to be able to complete 100 addition and subtraction problems in 5 mins. For 4th grade, our goal is 100 problems in 4 mins. and we start working on the same goal for multiplication. I noticed that the curriculum manual currently does not assign these daily drills, so I need to add that to the lesson plans for math. I would say that our recommendation would be that you do several a week, so I may just put that in the Teaching Guidelines. I hate to dictate one a day for homeschoolers (though that is what our HLS students have to do!). On days you don't want to do a speed drill, you could open with skip counting, another skill we work on constantly. And R&S math books have starter activities too, my favorite being mental math.