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2nd form compared to 1st form?

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    2nd form compared to 1st form?

    We’re muddling through First Form. The kids are doing okay, but this old brain does not catch on nearly as fast as them. In fact, I spent 3 hours last night studying so that when we start back up, I am somewhat solid on the conjugations and beginning declensions. But, we’re doing okay with the help of the DVD’s.

    My preference would be to keep learning alongside of them, rather than farm it out to MPOA. But, I have to be realistic about what I can handle with 6 kids. So, my question is- is 2nd form as “doable” as 1st? Or does it take a wild turn somewhere where it suddenly gets difficult? Or maybe that’s 3rd? I know the MPOA classes fill quickly for Latin so that is why I’m thinking about this now. Any insight is appreciated!

    Hello. Second Form is definitely a step up, but it is really that you are adding on more content that you have to remember. If you master FFL concepts, SFL will come pretty easily to you. On the other hand, it is going to be time-consuming, so if you use the online academy just to free you up a little, you should still be able to provide needed support to your student since you will have a good basic understanding of conjugations and declensions from FFL. TFL is a rather large step up, so I would definitely consider online help when you get there!



      Good afternoon,

      The feedback we generally receive regarding the difficulty of the Forms is that
      • Second Form continues the gradual increase seen in First Form,
      • Second to Third Form is a significant jump, and
      • Fourth Form is easier in some ways than Third Form.
      Of course, every family's experience is different, but I hope these generalizations help!


        I completely concur with the description Michael gave!
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          And as a fellow mother-to-many....

          First Form gives you the foundation you need to help them with Latin. It’s definitely super that you are studying it!

          You can ride those coattails through Second Form - keep trying to learn if you can, but if you fall off the wagon in SF, you would not be the first

          First Form becomes a cakewalk the second, and especially the third time through. You will wonder why it ever felt hard! THAT is a good time to try to dive back in and take a second pass at Second Form. It will look surprisingly familiar.

          And if you are like the rest of us, you will keep hoping that with at least one of your children you might just make it all the way through!!!

          And to follow up with what others have offered about Third is true that that seems to be the big year where MPOA becomes the lifesaver for our kids. I have always heard great experiences from everyone who has been able to do that. We have muddled our way through on our own though, and still been ok. It took getting into third form for us to realize that Second Form was not truly mastered for her and that a redo was in order. The restart on Third Form with the DVDs has been going much better this time around. Part of that success is also due to some extra maturing for her during that time too. Keep at it however you can make work!

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