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FSR and CSP enough handwriting for kindergarten?

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    FSR and CSP enough handwriting for kindergarten?

    Hi friends,

    My kindergartener resists the writing aspect of Copybook after we’ve already done phonics for the day. Do you think FSR and CSP are enough handwriting practice for kindergarten?

    I also have a Zaner Bloser workbook we could do in addition, one page at a time. What level of proficiency is reasonable to expect at the end of K? Or does it vary?

    Thanks so much,

    Copybook is practicing much more than just handwriting. It is aiding in memorization of the verse, reinforcing grammar, capitalization and punctuation, which are taught within the language lesson, as well as practicing accuracy copying from the line above to the line below. There are several other skills which the task of copying practices as well. Can these be gained in other activities? Yes, but Copybook is the only activity that practices them all at once. FSR and CSP teach penmanship/letter formation while reinforcing the phonics one book in which the writing should be closely observed and the other that can be more independent, so those also should not be dropped. Maybe consider eliminating the other handwriting. A separate handwriting program is truly not needed at this level.

    Consider separating the two subjects with snack and playtime, maybe even do one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. The writing within Copybook should just be one day a week. The other days are spent on editing, illustrating, and recitation of the verse.
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