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    Second grade literature

    My first grader finished up More Story Time Treasures last week and I have the second grade literature, but it is old. Can anyone refresh my memory on what has changed? It was from the year that the tall tales book was added to second grade. I remember because we had to wait for MP to have the book printed after it went out of print. I just want to know if I should update anything. Thanks!

    For 2019-2020
    DD 16 - 11th with MPOA(AP Latin), Lukeion (Greek4 & Adv. NT Greek), Thinkwell (Economics and Chemistry), plus Pre-Calculus, American G’ment, Early Church History set, and British Lit
    DS 14 - 8th with MPOA(Fourth Form), CLRC(Intro Lit and Comp), plus Algebra, Field Biology, Classical Studies 1
    DS 11 - 6th with Right Start Level G online class
    DS 6 - 1st with Prima Latina

    Ha! That was the year UPS lost our pallet of Animal Folk Tales for 6 weeks. That was a total nightmare I had forgotten! Then one day, they just showed up on our dock! It was like a miracle. Thanks for that way-back reminder of a story that is funny today, but not a bit funny at the time!

    The second grade literature back then had the little Phonics Guide for Reading and Spelling that we have now incorporated into our teacher guides for the literature, but if you still have the old teacher guides and that little book, you will have all the information, just in a different format. The content hasn't changed, though we may have corrected some typos.