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    Time off for new baby

    As we're approaching the holidays, I'm looking at the spring and was curious for those of you with bigger kids and new babies, how much time do you generally take off when a new baby is born? I have a 3rd and 1st grader plus will be 5 and 3 year olds and new one due in March.

    I had a baby almost 5 weeks ago now. I took two weeks completely off of school (well, my olders had to keep up with their online classes, but I was not involved in that). Since then we've been attempting "regular speed", but I think I would have taken one more week off in retrospect...or gone at half pace for the last two weeks. It has been kind of hairy for us. But we are also planning a move in late Spring or Summer this year so I'm trying to keep up the pace.

    My best advice is just be gentle with yourself and don't worry if you're just getting math, Latin, and reading some good books in for a while after baby. I read that in an article by Martin Cothran just today, in fact.
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      Agreeing with JodiSue. taking care of you and new baby plus other kidlets takes priority over school work. Just take it as slow as you need to.
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        We always had a week with grandparents here, then a week with dh home, so both those weeks were off school. After that, I took it one day at a time and did as much as we felt like doing. All your kids still need your help, so it really does boil down to what you feel like doing.

        I do have a priority list for you that might help though:
        1. Do what babe needs first;
        2. Then do what you need to rest and recover;
        3. Then add in attention on the little ones adjusting to suddenly not being so little anymore (great time to read a lot to them);
        4. Then add in attention/school on the bigger ones. There are a lot of tasks they can learn how to do with instructions being called from the couch. This is how all my older kids learned how to bake, make salad dressing/salad, warm up canned items, pull a frozen meal from the freezer and stick it in the oven, etc. It makes them feel very grown up to be pitching in and helping out the whole family.

        All the best to you for this next adventure...

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          The honest truth is that when I had my youngest, who had a big brother in the middle of 2nd grade and a big sister in the middle of 1st, it took me 3 months to go back to school books. It was my third C-section and I had a hard time recovering, the baby had a tough beginning and was very needy, and school just wasn't something I could handle. It helped that both big siblings were already reading well by themselves, and the house was chock-full of great books for them. But yes, 3 months
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            I’ve always taken off two weeks and then wished I hadn’t started up so soon. Remember in many jobs you’d get six weeks off!
            Since the baby’s due in March, you could possibly plan on doing no more than half pace until Easter, or even stopping everything but math, phonics/Latin, and writing through the rest of the school year.
            Blessings on your birth!

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              Thank you all for this wonderful advice and perspective!