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2nd Rod & Staff Math Drills

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    2nd Rod & Staff Math Drills

    We're using R&D math for the first time for 2nd grade this year. While we did lots of flashcards/drills in the previous program, my second grader doesn't seem to be picking up the pace on doing the drills with the 11 and 12 triplet facts. I can't tell if my expectations are too high or he simply needs more drills, or something else altogether. When we drill the triplet facts in their respective families, he does well. When we mix them up and drill, it seems new to him (he takes much longer to answer, answers with wrong answers, etc.). I first chalked it up to too high expectations - I would have thought the more we do the drills, the faster he'll get (with the right answers. . .). But this has been happening quite a bit over the last few weeks of math. Also, when he does it on paper there seems to be no issue. He rarely gets an answer wrong. And we do a lot of paper drill (many of the blacklines). But orally, the drills are taking quite awhile.
    Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated!

    It’s just part of the process. Drilling in order is the first phase because it’s more accessible. There’s a pattern to follow. Mixing them up is harder because you no longer have that pattern to lean on if you forget something. Also, working orally is harder because you have to keep everything in your head all at once. He’s just adjusting to the new level of difficulty. He’ll get it! 😊
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      Great! That's what I was hoping. He's my oldest, and we love the idea and outcomes of the classical model - but it's a bit hard to know what the model looks like during the process. As in, should I spend more time on a certain activity, keep up the consistency, etc. And, it's easy to second guess myself . . .
      Thank you for your response!


        I agree with Jen. Some of it may also simply be what lesson you are on and potentially his age. Hang in there!
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