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Changes to downloads -- THANK YOU!

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    Changes to downloads -- THANK YOU!

    To whomever alphabetized, simplified, and condensed the downloads screen: THANK YOU!!

    Click image for larger version

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    Blog: [url][/url]

    DS18: Almost done!
    DS17: MP, MPOA
    DS15: MP, MPOA
    DS12: Mix of SC 5/6 & SC 7/8
    DD11: Mix of 5M and SC7/8
    DD9: SC3
    DD6: MPK

    Alleluia! Way easier to work with! Another thank you from us!!
    Amanda - Mama to three crazy boys, teacher at St. Dominic Latin (FFL, TFL, 4FL, Traditional Logic 1&2), Memoria College student

    9th grade - a mix of MPOA, Vita Beata, Lukeion, and AOPS
    8th grade - 8M with modifications
    4th grade - 4A

    "Non nisi te, Domine. Non nisi te" - St. Thomas Aquinas


      I hadn’t looked at my downloads lately- this is awesome! So helpful.
      Debbie- mom of 7, civil engineering grad, married to mechanical engineer
      DD, 27, BFA '17 graphic design and illustration
      DS, 25, BS '18 mechanical engineering
      DS, 23, BS '20 Chemsitry, pursuing phd at Wash U
      (DDIL married #3 in 2020, MPOA grad, BA '20 philosophy, pusrsing phd at SLU)
      DS, 21, Physics and math major
      DD, 18, dyslexic, 12th grade dual enrolled
      DS, 14, future engineer/scientist/ world conquerer 9th MPOA diploma student
      DD, 8 , 2nd Future astronaut, robot building space artist


        This is so much easier! Thank you MP!
        DS11 - 6A + Math Mammoth 7
        DS8 - 3M + Math Mammoth 3
        DD4 - Jr. K