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Studying Techniques for Science Quizzes and Tests (5th grade and beyond)

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    Studying Techniques for Science Quizzes and Tests (5th grade and beyond)

    My sixth grader is not doing well on her tree study quizzes. Would you please share studying techniques you and your student have used for science?

    Thank you.

    How often does she review vocabulary and her study guide answers? Three times a week (in addition to class day) would be the minimum.

    It’s also important to work with material in different ways: for Trees it would be helpful to draw diagrams using the book or student guide as a reference, and practice labeling a blank diagram from the next quiz with a wet-erase marker (put the copy in a ziploc bag, a sheet protector, or a laminating cover).

    I don’t remember if Trees comes with flashcards, but it might be good for her to make her own. Either way, I have my crew keep all terms from the current unit in one packet. They add to the packet as they progress through the unit and they review those cards daily. Cards from past units get randomly divided into review packets. They’re supposed to study the current pack plus one review pack daily. We do this for all subjects that use flashcards. Repetition really is the mother of memory.
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      We are doing trees right now but not following MP plans. I know each lesson has its own quiz. If I remember, it scheduled the lesson one day and the quiz the next. That is what we are doing. My son is a memory wiz. He reads it and does the guide then just remembers it for the test. I know his older sister would have struggled with this pace. She did a different science at that age though. Most MP books have weeks of drill before a quiz/test and this has one day to do the work, study, memorize, then take quiz next day. That is just not long enough for some to memorize. Trees is done twice a week I think? Perhaps schedule it on Monday and Thursday then drill questions everyday and take the quiz three days later (Monday lesson on Thursday and Thursday lesson on Monday)? It is a lot of strange words to memorize pretty quickly. I can totally understand how a child who doesn’t memorize easily could struggle.
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        We do that - rearrange things during the week. Insects was like that too. The quiz seemed out of place with when the lesson was completed. So we always moved it to the following week instead of on Fridays. Trees may be another one that we have had to do that with - but I can’t remember since I don’t have someone doing it right now. Feel free to do that if it is true in your case!

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