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Asking again...Traditional Spelling 3?

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    Asking again...Traditional Spelling 3?

    Is this in the works? Is there any hope for it coming out next year or should I resolve to use something else...?

    Originally posted by Meadowlark View Post
    Is this in the works? Is there any hope for it coming out next year or should I resolve to use something else...?
    Good afternoon,

    It is in the works, but it's unfortunately still a few years out
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      NNNOOOOOOOOOOO. I created a dream world in which 3 would be available for next year! Should we transfer to Spelling Workout, or is there another suggestion for following TS 2?


        You have a lot of options for making SWO doable. Some mamas go down to level C for 3rd grade. Some of us are doing the TS2 activities like colorful letters, heavy verbal quizzing ala IEW, pulling Phonics flashcards for vowel and consonant teams, etc for SWO D. I'm on the fence about next year's 4A. I know that by sheer exposure, my eldest is cycling through a lot more words than in other programs, but to some extent the thing that makes SWO appealing (the book actually has a review week every 7 or so weeks) isn't utilized by MP. I may switch to another program, but it's hard to keep it as small as SWO needs to be when juggling all of those other subjects.
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          enbateau Those review weeks are scheduled as an end-of-year review in Weeks 31-33.

          For SWO, I'm presenting the lesson as I did with TS2, including the definitions and word study type questions, and I have the kids do colorful words on Wednesdays (I give them a pre-made colorful words list at the beginning of the week to use as a reference). Michelle T, should I only be using the colorful words list when I introduce the lesson and then have them work from their own knowledge/memory when they do the Colorful Words work later in the week?
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            Incorporating components of the Traditional Spelling program into SWO is a great idea if it doesn't take too much time. Third grade is a lot of material even if you are doing it half paced as our moderated plans suggest. Definitely define the words, break them into syllables and for words with an affix, look at the root word and meaning of the affix and how it changes the meaning. Any work done syllabicating and highlighting phonetic chunks previously taught would be helpful as well. Colorful words are a great activity though it should only be completed once during the week. You could incorporate a dictation of phonograms, included in the title of the lesson, along with the spelling words and a sentence containing two or three words.