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Questions on Latin Recitation Cards

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    Questions on Latin Recitation Cards

    I'm trying to sort our Latin Recitation Cards, but I'm a bit confused:

    1. The order of the card numbers doesn't match the order of the lessons. For example, in the SFL set, Cards 54-57 correlate with Lesson 5, but Cards 58-61 correlate with Lesson 3.
    2. Some cards are never scheduled in the Recitation Handbook. For example, Cards 60 and 61 (1/2nd Declension -er adjectives) are not listed anywhere in the SFL Recitation. I'm not sure about the cards for the other Forms.

    It seems like it would be easier if cards were in the order they're presented in the lessons. Then we could just grab the next group and go. It seems it would also make cumulative review easier: grab your current recitation cards and one pack of past cards. But maybe I'm not seeing a catch with that. Can someone clarify the reasoning for me?
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    DS15: MP, MPOA, HSC
    DS12: Mash-up of 6/7M
    DS11: SC 4
    DD9: 3A with First Form Latin (long story!)
    DD8: Mash-up of SC 1/2
    DD5: January birthday, using SC B and C as a two-year JrK

    Good evening, Jen!

    The flashcards are grouped first by part of speech and then by subcategories such as declension or conjugation. We chose this arrangement with an eye towards the the complete scope of the Latin Forms Series. In the case of Second Form Latin, for example, Cheryl begins with lessons on 1st/2nd declension nouns and adjectives (cards #51-53, 58-61*), followed by lessons on 3rd declension nouns and adjectives (#54-57, 62-63). Thus, when first taught, these flashcards will be introduced out of order. However, by Lesson 20, students will be reviewing these cards in numerical order now that they (should have) mastered all of the forms introduced in Unit 1. The 3rd and 4th conjugations will be presented similarly, the present system in Unit 3, the perfect system in Unit 4, but all relevant cards reviewed in order by Unit 5. The numerical order of all SFL cards will also generally be followed throughout TFL and 4FL, with new forms interjecting as they're taught and then shuffling back into place as they are reviewed.

    Now, all that being said, the Forms are complicated enough, and Cheryl Lowe was wonderfully particular enough, that sometimes we could not match her recitations without mixing the cards up for longer or more often than we would have preferred. We tried to create a system that worked for as many lessons across all four Forms as possible, but there are still places where we have to jump around. Our hope is that those places are as few and as un-frustrating as possible, but for anywhere we've failed, I do sincerely apologize.

    Thank you for reaching out and allowing me to share our rationale, and please don't hesitate to ask any follow-up questions!

    *Cards #60-61 may be used alongside or instead of #58-59 at the teacher's discretion. See the footnote on page 28 of the Handbook.
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