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Centralized list of changes?

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    Centralized list of changes?

    I know that the curriculum is constantly being tweaked and improved, but is there a place on the website where I could find a running list of those changes? For example, MP just released their own addition flash cards. I only know about them from a random post on these forums. I would love it if MP kept a running list of the changes and the dates they were implemented. I've only purchased the kindergarten curriculum so far, but I plan to use MP for all of my children as they grow. A list of changes would go a long way towards keeping me sane, haha!

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      Good evening,

      My apologies for not responding sooner!

      The best way to stay up to date is through The Classical Teacher, our e-newsletter, and/our our social media accounts. New and revised programs will always be highlighted in one or more of these communication channels. Depending on the program's release date, there may be a delay between its addition to our website and its announcement, but the announcement will come. You guys are just such good online sleuths that you sometimes beat us to the punch

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