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    Making review fun

    Because of family schedules and obligations, we are using Sunday as a review day.....but because it is Sunday, I also want to make sure that whatever we do maintains the spirit of fun that Sunday is supposed to have. I'm looking for review ideas for 1st and 2nd grade spelling, Latin, and phonics that are FUN (feel free to be as zany as possible.....I'd prefer to stay away from the computer so no Quizlet)

    You could try making up your own Mad Libs - funny sentences that would prompt them to use their words (whichever subject you are working on). Hangman is always great. Charades using words with different phonograms? playing Memory type games? You could write the word on one index card and the meaning on another for making matches. Or a phonogram and a word that uses it. I have been known to challenge my kids ink using as many spelling words as possible in a single sentence. It’s pretty funny.

    Sorry. Even with coffee that’s all i have for now!

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      We used to go on bike rides and I would call out spelling words to review. Also, if you a court nearby, your kids can pedal around you in a circle while you call out spelling words. See of they can spell the whole thing before a complete circle is made. We also chant poetry or Bible memory verses on family walks and bike rides. There is also a Spelling Baseball game I posted somewhere on the forum. We put it inside a plastic protector sheet to reuse indefinitely.
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        We do random “spelling bees”. My husbands idea. This usually happens at the dinner table but sometimes bleeds over to the living room afterwards. It doesn’t happen every week. Everyone usually participates, Sophomore down to 1st grade. It’s really been a fun time. He drills from their spelling lists (those that still do spelling), but then also has a big list of commonly misspelled words and will throw in a few of those. It’s very light hearted and fun and my kids really enjoy it.

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