After clutching my pearls and kvetching about the massive jump in shipping prices for the NLE on another thread, I was reminded of the National Mythology Exam. My kids have taken it the past 2 years and have really enjoyed it. As long as shipping isn't fifty dollars (ha!), I plan to have them take it again this year.

They each earned medals, ranging from gold to perfect paper and, despite what the website says, neither was ever sent a certificate. Last year, as I recall, there was a delay in getting prizes out and I read that certificates would be available to print. After scouring my email and the NME website to be sure I didn't overlook this, I see no mention of this.

This is not the end of the world whatsoever. The teensy problem is that the medals do not signify the test or the award; while pretty, they are not readily identifiable. A certificate, like one given by the NLE, would certainly be helpful. Did any of your kids take the test? Did they receive certificates - or did you get any sort of template to print them at home? Obviously, I'll contact the good folks over at NME; however, I wanted to be sure I didn't overlook something first.