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    Help me understand Recitations

    Hello all! I’m a brand new homeschooler and I’m totally confused by recitations. My son is in 4th grade and we have all the curriculum for that grade. My question is - are there recitations for each subject? When is he supposed to recite them? I see grammar rules and Latin rules and scripture etc but I don’t know when these are to be done and how they work etc. it’s really confusing me and keeping me from pressing ahead with teaching. Thank you!!!

    Do you have this 4th grade set, called Fourth Grade Complete Curriculum Package for New Users? Complete sets come with a Curriculum Manual which lays out all the work for the year. In the back of this manual there is a complete recitation list for that grade. It is labeled week by week, to be recited a few times per week start to finish during the year. Week 2 you recite week 1-2. Week 32 you recite week 1-32. (Or so, sometimes you break it up but the point is that it's cumulative over the year.)

    This complete recitation includes things from all subjects and some beyond that are learned in previous years and/or are good general info. My youngest is in second grade and he's been reciting the 8 planets, 7 continents, 12 months, 5 categories of animals with backbones, etc. every week for years. If you are new to MP then there will probably be some questions like that that you have to stop and teach from that list. I usually just circle in pencil what we have trouble with and help on that each time until we get it down. Then I erase my pencil circle. I do this with Latin Grammar Questions as well (First Form and up).

    To your question, yes, there are almost always a set of Drill Questions and/or flashcards for individual studies that are to be worked on during the year. You can add those week by week as you learn the material. Perhaps let us know exactly what you have and we can go from there with tips or ideas. The big recitation both activates prior knowledge before diving into the school day or a specific subject as well as cements essential knowledge you want to retain year to year.
    Festina lentē,
    Jessica P

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      Thank you Jessica!! This was extremely helpful!!!! Thank you again. I’ll reach out if I have additional questions!!!!