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Writing in the forms workbooks

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    Writing in the forms workbooks

    Does anyone have any suggestions for what to do when there is not enough room to write the answer in the space given in the workbook? I have been working through second form as my 11yo is finishing up first form right now. I have nice handwriting and I like my workbook to look nice. The problem is that sometimes there is a ton of room to write and other times there is absolutely no chance of fitting the answer into the space allotted. Yesterday the assignment in lesson 3 was to translate the sentence two ways, but the line given was slightly too short to write it once, let alone twice. The form drills in lesson 4 had a noun and an adjective, but the column width was the same as an earlier lesson when there was only one word. The two word question took up part of the space given to the line in the earlier assignment while requiring more writing in that smaller space. This isn’t an isolated occurrence as I have had children go through all the forms. I am trying to figure out how to deal with this as my son isn’t going to be able to make it fit and trying to scrunch it in makes his handwriting illegible. Any suggestions? It would be nice if the workbooks were formatted landscape, but I need help working with what we have right now. Thanks for any suggestions!

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    If you have the drill form in your downloads, you can use a pdf editing program to capture it, copy it into a new blank document like Word and enlarge it. That's what I did this year for our Latin drill forms, as I, too, thought some of the blanks were too small. Another option is to enlarge them on a copy machine until it hits the sweet spot. I know many people have a separate spiral notebook to do all of their drill writing.
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