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First Form Latin - Basic Procedure with Materials (?)

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    First Form Latin - Basic Procedure with Materials (?)


    Forgive me for asking what seems to be such a simple question, but even as a veteran home schooler I am a bit puzzled about this:

    We purchased the DVD, textbook, workbook and teacher books for First Form Latin, having completed Christiana and Prima.

    For the earlier levels it was fairly straightforward: watch DVD then do workbook exercises, quizzes and tests from memory.
    For First Form, however, I am unsure how this works.

    When exactly should the textbook be used?
    Is it supposed to be read in tandem with the DVD or read afterwards?
    Are the workbook exercises (which are quite extensive) supposed to be completed from memory or can the student use the textbook to look up answers?

    Thank you in advance to anyone who can help me get us sorted for this year!



    For First Form Latin, I would start with a recitation (as listed in your teacher manual). Then, have the students watch the dvd lesson, with their textbooks open. This serves as the lesson being taught. Then, I would do the first page in the workbook because that is generally the grammar questions that have just been taught. If time remains, go ahead and throw the vocabulary on the board and start the process of memorizing it. Talk about derivatives, anything that would make spelling difficult, ways to remember the meanings of the words, etc. (This could be done the second day if needed.) The rest of the week, start with a recitation, then review of new material, then complete the workbook exercises (spread over the next 2-3 days). After your quiz on Thurs. or Fri., spend a little time reviewing vocabulary from previous lessons so you don't lose it. Vocabulary review quizzes are good too. You can do them orally with flashcards or written (maybe give 5 or 10 random words from previous lessons to keep them on their toes).

    Does this help?



      Originally posted by dina_c View Post
      Are the workbook exercises (which are quite extensive) supposed to be completed from memory or can the student use the textbook to look up answers?

      The exercises are meant as practice so they can refer to the lesson while doing them. Eventually, they'll be able to do the review portions from memory.
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        Thanks, Jen. I totally missed this question! Agreed! Workbook exercises are for practice, so we encourage students to use their textbooks to look up any words or grammar forms they don't have mastered. We want correct answers!



          OK, this clarifies things quite a bit!

          Thanks to you both!!!