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Beginning Chreia-Maxim with DVD's

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    Beginning Chreia-Maxim with DVD's

    Regarding the DVD's for Classical Composition III: the "Introduction" video lesson walks us entirely through the essay "Aphthonius' Model"; however, there are no breaks or instructions for filling out pages 2-9 in the Student Workbook. Is it recommended that we stop and complete the workbook lesson for the Introduction? Or is the viewing of the video sufficient, and we should begin the workbook writing with Lesson 1? TIA

    Good question! The introduction lesson is a little unique in that it asks the student to paraphrase answers rather than create their own. Still, it is important that the student complete this lesson in its entirety for a couple reasons. First, this is a good opportunity for the student to walk through a lesson and see the various parts (particularly the Heads of Development) of the essay and how they fit together. Secondly, it is particularly helpful in offering them the freedom to compile a complete final draft without needing to create the actual content. This lesson will also hone their ability to paraphrase.

    Thank you!
    Ryan Weston
    Director, Cottage Schools and Distributor Relations
    Memoria Press