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OT: Non Drying out PlayDoh?

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    I was wondering the same thing, Dianna.
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      Originally posted by Katie View Post
      I think I'll try it too. Thanks for the link! Ya never know how stuff will turn out when substituting with GF flours. The Namaste Perfect Flour blend that we get from Costco generally makes for super sticky dough in baking recipes...but that also has other flours too. I'll try it with just the rice flour.
      Sweet rice flour is different than regular rice flour. It seems less gritty. Makes a decent roux. I haven't bought any for a while since I mostly changed my sauces over to other thickeners.
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        Dianna & Enigma,
        Here's a video:
        It's very different than Play-Doh. The density is tricky; it compacts well but will also stretch and "flow" if you hold it up and let it sag down. I think it's just a different category of play dough than Play-Doh. Ha!
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          Originally posted by pickandgrin View Post
          We love Mad Mattr over here. The bag we've had has lasted almost 3 years thus far. I have my younger two play with this on a rimmed cookie sheet or in a 9x13 glass Pyrex just to keep it contained. Usually other kitchen tools are also involved.
          It's a great, affordable present if anyone asks what your kids want for bdays or holidays.

          Wheat, gluten, & casein free!

          MAD MATTR Super-Soft Modelling Dough Compound That Never Dries Out (Yellow, 10oz)
          Total hit in our house!! We picked up two bags from Michael’s with a good coupon. My girls are loving it! Thanks for the suggestion!

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