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Accelerating Classical Composition?

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    Accelerating Classical Composition?

    Hi, I am very new here and new to classical education but very interested! I've already got most of my curriculum in place for this year, but thinking about grooming my kids towards a more classical approach for next year. I am looking in particular at Classical Composition for my 8th grader. I just ordered the Fable and Narrative books and the accelerated lesson plans but wondering how to fit the rest of the levels in before he graduates? I am sure this may be addressed somewhere in this forum so I apologize if it's already been asked. I read in a Cathy Duffy review that it's possible to get through 2 or more levels per year but the only accelerated schedule I see is for the first 2 books. I am also going to try him out in First Form Latin this year and see how it goes...
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    That sounds like a great start. Keep in mind that your 8th grader doesn't have to complete all of the lessons. The lessons in each book are designed to help your student practice a particular type of composition/essay. Once the skill is mastered (5-10 lessons?), it's okay to go to the next book. There are also DVD lessons available for the first 5 books or so. If it is in your budget, you may want to look at the MPOA live classes. (The 3 High School Composition live classes cover the whole series in 3 years.). First Form Latin is a great book. It's a gentle, but thorough. You don't have to know latin to teach it. All the best.
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      Hello, and welcome!

      You really don't have to get through all the stages of CC. Jim Selby, author of the program, once told me that if you get through Refutation & Confirmation (Stage 4), you have done the most important part of the course. It is nice to get through Common Topic too since students write 8 paragraph papers with that stage, and it sounds like you will have time for that. So don't think you have to rush through to the end. Just master the stages you get to, and your student will greatly benefit. Coming to classical education late is manageable. You still have time to get a lot done - 5 years of Latin and classical studies is a lot! So relax and enjoy it, and feel free to ask questions here as they arise. We have a great team of entrenched homeschoolers who are quite valuable to us and can provide great help to you!