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    Update: So we've been camping. In our new house. Actually, it's been kind of fun. I don't know when we will go back and get our stuff - a few more weeks maybe.

    This stuff is almost funny and I'm still happy with this house. But this was my last 2 weeks:

    You know that moment when nothing goes to plan. Or the second plan. Or the 15th. Our close date moved forward and back and every other way. I ended up having 6 hours notice to pack up our entire family and make the 9hr drive. I thought I would be back a week later. That was 2 1/2 weeks ago. I didn't bring the books. I was lucky to remember socks and underwear for everyone. Since we've closed 13 days ago, I've ripped carpet, sheetrock, learned the nuances of push to click pex plumbing, learned how to install a second water heater in series, found out that the speckled tile wasn't actually speckled...that was ground in dirt..and discovered the miracle of grout paint. Thank GOD for the Oreck Orbiter or that would never have been cleaned! I've discovered that plumbers often leave massive holes in the foundation behind the sheetrock and under the tub, where carpenter ants can readily come in. I've learned that if you think your faucets have terrible water pressure, check the aerators for massive amounts of corrosion running through the pipes. I've learned how to get tack strips out of cement without gouging and leaving chunks of missing concrete. I've learned that water softeners and copper pipes are a bad combination. Also, having the house grounded to the same water pipes isn't a great combination either because the introduction of non-conductive pex piping will create static in the line - resulting in serious corrosion. I've learned how to replace ball valve joints after the valve pops off because of the corrosion - this happened TWICE! And how to turn off the house plumbing... I had no idea some plumbing was run on a closed loop or what a water heater pump did. I do now. Hubby and I have done all of this ourselves. It's been an adventure.

    Today I'm working in sheetrock repair, demolishing a bit more, and sometime soon, I'm going to be ripping out an exterior wall sitting bathtub - where I expect to find another plumber's 12x12 hole in need of clearing of a massive 6 inch deep carpenter ant bed and a backfill of quickcrete. And learn to lay laminate flooring. Thank goodness for Youtube tutorials.

    Today is our 23rd anniversary - and the first time that I can remember that MLK fell on the same Monday as the day we married. It was the only day he could get off all those years ago - those Navy days were a real roller coaster! Anyways, Just wanted to say hi to everyone out there. Luckily there was a local Mardel book store and I picked up some extra copies of curriculum over the weekend so school has officially I hope everyone is doing okay out there!


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      Wow, MBentley it sounds like there's all sorts of "schooling" going on at your house! I bet amid feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, you are feeling proud of your accomplishments. I hope the rest of the restoration goes smoothly for you. It will be very much YOUR house once you move in!
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        Hugs! We've never been on the receiving end of cheap craftsmanship in any of the houses we've bought, but I'll never forget going to replace floor boards that were just a hair thicker than how they are milled today, and we had to hire a carpenter to plane them down to match. And in another exasperating electrical nightmare, I wound up schooling my husband (who is amazingly gifted at all things plumbing, electrical and general construction) and father-in-law in the diagram of a split fan and light running off of a 3-terminal switch jumped off an existing line. It was epic. Then again, we military wives are often left to fix household disasters by ourselves while our husbands are out of country.

        I still dream of building our own place from scratch when my son gets older, but your recount has me remembering so many protracted (husbandless and fatherless) days where we just had to soldier on to get the reno done.

        Prayers for an enjoyable time learning new skills with the kids while you're in the thick of it and a return to MP joy once it's all done.
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