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Starting 8th Grade Core - Classes We Missed

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    Starting 8th Grade Core - Classes We Missed

    Hello Everyone...

    I have been planning and thinking about all of the classes we have missed...I am trying to figure out if it is best to go back and do certain classes, or just move on and forget about them...The classes I am thinking about is Christian Studies I, II, and III, Geography I and II, Astronomy and The Famous Men of series...I was thinking of doing the Famous Men of series and maybe Astronomy over different summers in the future...The boys are reading Famous Men of Greece now...We start the new year mid September, after birthdays and vacation...

    My question is about Geography and Christian Studies...Should we start with Geography I, or just do Geography III that came with our package?...Should we do Christian Studies I, II, and III over the next three summers, or start with Christian Studies I now along with Story of the Ancient World?

    Is it a good idea to try and cover these courses, or should I forget about them and move on from now?...What courses from the past would you say are the ones that should not be missed?

    Thank you in advance ????

    Homeschooling two boys
    DS -21 (9/00) Homeschool graduate, in college
    DS -17 (9/04) (SN)
    DS -15 (7/06)


    You can do Geography III without having completed I or II. It will just mean that you will need to work a little harder at the map work. It won't be review for you. So that may slow down your pace. And you can choose how much of the map work you want to require. You might focus on the areas of the world you feel would be most helpful to know. If that is intimidating to you, you can do Geography I and II first, but it really isn't necessary.

    For Christian Studies, the books are in biblical order so that CSI is the first 5 books of the OT, CSII is the rest of the OT, and CSIII is the NT. So you can do them in any order. They really stand alone. If your students know the major Bible stories of Genesis, Exodus, etc., you could skip CSI and go on to the more difficult CSII. Those are the stories most of us struggle with. The Christian Studies program is really good for the entire family as a Bible study together, so you can choose the area of the Bible you want to study first and then choose the course that matches it.



      Dear Tahara,

      My son came to MP in middle school and went straight to Geography III and Christian Studies IV. He didn’t have time to memorize all the capitals or Scripture verses, but we did what was feasible for him.

      Hope that helps!

      14th year homeschooling
      7th year with MP

      DS19, college freshman
      DS16, 10th
      DS & DD14, 9th
      DS10, 4th
      DD7, 2nd
      DS4, JrK
      DS & DS, 1yr old